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  • Headbasher interested in jumping in. Thanks.

  • Getting a message that I have logged in with another account on same IP? Selecting my username and clicking OK as the one to keep just keeps repeating itself. How long will my only account be locked? I wasn't using multiple accounts in the same game for any unfair advantage. I wasn't aware that helping a friend who is on vacation was a no-no. Now, however, I understand this. It won't occur again. So, my account is still locked. As a paying player in HC and gold funding, it's a bit of an over-rea…

  • So, I'm doin' my thing in my game and got ambitious chasing a fleeing army. The fleeing army begins to embark to cross water as I'm still trying to attack. Well, that was about 36 hours ago. They're still "attacking" though aren't losing morale. So, I tried (after a lengthy wait) to pull away and head back to the nearest city. I am unable. My army seems to be perpetually locked fighting my opponent's embarked unit. It's killing my quest. Help? Game #1222957.