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  • New Feature: Scenario Rotation

    Eternus - - News


    More x4 speed maps would be best IMO (not only by events, but rather having x4 available all the time).

  • Sadly none of featured Marines would make the biggest impact in my opinion. Bc for now, defending against naval invasion (even in closed spaces like Mediterranean See) is far more easier and distant from realism. Simply coastal defence is buffed when we lack naval infantry or realistic naval invasion mechanic. Best of proposed units would be carriers. Of course over big maps

  • good job devs, at least you did it quite fast this time

  • Quote from Field Marshal Dan: “We are finding the error in map launching [if you have your map open in another tab KEEP it open!] Devs are informed ” so you should stop other maps as well, as long you do not resolve lag issue. Many gamers have unfair advantage now. Also, I really don't understand why did you closed topic "What do you mean by 'temporary lag' ?" - it will not stop people from complaining. There will be a [removed] of topics about the same now. Happy closing them all (this one incl…