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  • Also, there is the question of supply that this game needs to address in order to become "realistic."

  • Quote from VIRVCOBRV: “Quote from Ole Swampy: “Anyone interested in my ideas concerning RR and AA? ” Shoot away, more suggestions is always good ” RR would require infrastructure in a province in order to move, thus if a province has no infrastructure the gun cannot enter it. This is IMO much closer to reality. AA units that are moving do not defend against enemy air unless they are sp-aa. A regular AA unit would be "packaged-up" and thus ineffective vs air while moving.

  • Quote from helmuth.moltke: “Like your idea about paratroopers. Whereas i would favor to have an additional research topic air transportation similiar to sea transportation. With higher level the air transport would get faster and have an increased range. ” That's what I was referring to in reference to researching air transport. There would actually be an air transport unit that would be designated for carrying paras and commandos. Their range and speed would depend on the level researched. Thei…

  • Anyone interested in my ideas concerning RR and AA?

  • IMO, the following should be implemented for a more consistent and realistic play: First off, the production of paratroopers (hereinafter referred to as "AIR") should be 18 hrs (lvl 5 IC) with an introduction of a special center called "Jump School" (buld time of 24 hrs) of which one such center would be allowed (capable of being rebuilt in a different location just like the capital). In order to build a Jump School there needs to be a barracks (lvl 1), an IC (lvl 1) and an air base (lvl 3). In …

  • Airborne Units in CoW

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    Only Commando units should be "jump" qualified. There should be a limit of Commando units, about 10%. If there is a decrease in total units resulting in the jump units being in contradiction to the limit the only penalty is that no new airborne units can be produced until the percentage rule is once again in order. There should be a range that a unit can be dropped equal to or less than a tactical bomber. An air unit should be created for carrying Airborne units. The air unit would be subject to…

  • Airborne (Paratroops)

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    How cool would it be to utilize airborne troops in this game? A suggestion is that the Commando unit could be upgraded to Airborne, once this is done a commando unit could be dropped into a province that is reachable by a Strategic Bomber, subject to flak (AA) that exists along the way. To further complicate matters, the unit would be automatically reduced to 50% efficiency upon landing to simulate the confusion of an airborne operation. This would greatly enhance the game as well as the strateg…

  • Games not opening

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    Not working on either computer, how is this fixed?