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Do you like the recent changes to Diplomacy and do they enhance your gaming experience?

0 200

Do you like the recent Market changes?

0 461

What do you think of the changed Fire settings of ranged weapons?

0 152

ports of Panama

1 455

cpt Omer

Was the game dumbed down to improve the food situation???

9 2,626


Routing errors

4 786


Build waiting list

6 921


Updated Province Administration in last update

16 +1 2,173


nuke by AI on moving target out of sight???

5 1,204


And now for something completely different!

3 +2 877


Game list incorrect

0 298

grounded planes defending

9 1,615

Butter Ball Bill

nuclear weapons (DONE)

2 806


rockets fired late and left over (DONE)

9 1,641

Butter Ball Bill

Troop location marker

8 1,604