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  • New bug

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    I think he has a lot of games that's why he can't join, but normally he receive a message when he click to "join".

  • I don''t think that giving cities independece will be a good idea, because we need points to win the game

  • Quote from eruth: “Quote from SaskeOtaku: “more than anything else I'm interested in knowing the time in which to reprogram the patrol, exactly what would be the ideal time to carry out the trick? ” Planes on patrol attack every 15 minutes. If you reset the patrol they rest their timer. It doesn't matter if you do this every second, every five minutes, or just before the patrol tick; the effect is that you have 15 more minutes until your planes try to attack. ” The players now love the games 1.5…

  • When you can share map ? - You can share map with other players if ; * You are not in a coalition and he is not in the coalition. * You are in a coalition, and he is not in coalition. * You are not in a coalition, and he is in a coalition. -But if he has a coalition and you too you can't share map with him.

  • Quote from RiverWolf74: “Quote from ShiNtoK: “Quote from RiverWolf74: “could be a visual bug. have you tried refreshibg your page ” Yeah, but it is the same. ” can you use the plane to patrol or is it not working ” Not working because they are in a convoy mod

  • Quote from SaskeOtaku: “I would like to learn how to use it and make it mine but I have not understood what it does exactly and how it is applied ” The patrol of the airplanes is more effective than attack with airplanes. For my informations and my experience, if you want to attack your ennemi you send your airplanes at the fashion "patrol", because in this fashion you won time, the bombers don't need refueling and lost more time. But you need to active because the ennemi can leave the zone of t…

  • I changed the aeroport now

  • Quote from RiverWolf74: “could be a visual bug. have you tried refreshibg your page ” Yeah, but it is the same.

  • france

    ShiNtoK - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Quote from RiverWolf74: “welll spain was pro axis ” Yeah, better than Italy

  • Gold it is not necessary to win, each player has his skill. Tactics and strategy make the difference

  • Quote from RiverWolf74: “it is not at the center you csn slightly see. try movg it again ” i tried but it is in a center

  • Question about 1.5

    ShiNtoK - - Questions and Answers


    It stays the same

  • And it's in a center of this province

  • Quote from NOOB1433223: “its not in city center ” ? lol i don't speak for producing .

  • hm, in this time when i openned my game and i saw that my bombers are transformed into conveyor mode but they are in the airport, I have refreshed the page, but still the same bug. unknown.png

  • Quote from RiverWolf74: “Railroad guns are really useful. They do huge amounts of damage. The only probably is that they are slow...but it can be really useful when attacking a densely packed border full of enemy units. ” yeah

  • Quote from Desktop General: “We Need to Have a NO VICTORY POINT ROUND!!!!!! So People can Play to The End!.......... And it Should Be NO GOLD TOO!............. Test How it Goes!....... Take it From There. Make a tournament too Crazy! Not Stupid... ” I don't think that will be a good idea but there is a solution i think, because how we win in cow by the points, so i don't know game with no victory point round it is good, and for tournaments you can make with your mates or you search a server in c…

  • Quote from Desktop General: “I believe it is around 70 Days Duke! ” No, the games would never end, i have a game World War Historic, and i finished it at day 92. >When the games are end ? -when the most players of cow in this game was inactive and there is just 3 or 2 or 1 active, so those players they will see in the newspaper article of "to abandon", if all the players active accept, the game will be finished, and each member will gain gold if their has a good place in the classement, like the…

  • Local Port

    ShiNtoK - - Questions and Answers


    Quote from El Cazador: “<p>Can anyone tell me, if the local port benefits neutral and enemy countries disembarking?</p> ” yes, well on the port that you built it allows you to land easily on this province it depends on the level of port, when the level increases the reduction of time decreases, but it is necessary that you know that the enemy also can benefit from your port if he wants to land at your place and attack you, that's why you must have a good defense. I hope I answered your question.…

  • Ranged weapons not firing?

    ShiNtoK - - Questions and Answers


    Quote from NoobNoobTrain: “[1.5]Why is it that stationary artillery with 'Fire at will' or 'Offensive' sometimes do not fire when an enemy target comes within range? I find myself having to give an attack order now and then to a lazy unit that doesn't want to fire. This also happens with ships. ” That I think is a bug, because normally if the enemy arrives at the attack zone of your unit and it is motionless (it has no order) it attacks, that's what I have at me. But if your unit is running or i…