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  • Since we are talking about 1.5... The best way to kill the Strat bombers is the new level 2 rocket fighter. Isn't even much of a fight.

  • favorite movie

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    Quote from gusv: “Of the Star Trek movies, my favorite is "The Wrath of Khan' ... Ricardo Moltalban, perhaps best known for his nice gentleman and well mannered character in the 'Fantasy Island' TV series, sure makes a bad guy to remember as Khan- Captain's Kirk's adversary ... ” I could never get past thinking of Tattoo and "Da Plane" Da Plane" when I see him in that movie. But that movie and search for Spok are by far the best of the series

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “You are correct Pablo, groups don’t reform into the highest health units possible anymore. ” Interesting that makes a few strategies much less appealing.

  • Quote from vyliance: “Quote from freezy: “Since you will now receive some free High Command (read latest news), you can try out Fire controls And don't forget to try the build queue, very handy. ” wait what whenor was it some time ago because of the covid ” Its was because of Covid stay home orders

  • favorite movie

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    Quote from gusv: “Casablanca ... ” Way to go old school mate.

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “My opinion with the current balancing is that this “trick” simply makes battles take longer and does not actually accomplish anything worthwhile. ” I disagree Volcom the player is sure to gain a raging case of carpel tunnel.

  • Quote from Pablo J.: “<p>does anyone know the value of the troops' condition that the units begin to die?</p><pre>in 1.0 the account was ((x-1) * x) * 100), x is the number of troops, and the result of the account was the percentage that allowed a unit to die, and the survivors returned to 100% health. on this new update, i realized that the units start to die due to the amount of life that each one has personally. for example, if I have 4 level 1 infantry, each one has 15 hp, 15 * 4 = 60, then …

  • Hello, It would be cool to see in the newspaper along with the daily reports on VP's (individuals players and coalitions) a stat that listed total units killed for the map. The data for battle against each country is already part of the article updates in the newspaper but seeing who had killed the most units would be useful in choosing allies and determining players that may be weaker at a given time. Plus on 100 maps you could tell who was killing enemy and who might be just cherrypicking prov…

  • I agree the 100 maps take longer but I don't think they are the most difficult. I believe the beta 22's are the most competitive maps I play. I have played and won them all at one point or another and they each present their own unique challenges to win without golding. Also if you could finish three 100 maps in the time another player finished three 22 maps I could see how that would work to bolster a ranking. Some of us could finish nine 22 maps in the time it takes others to finish three 100 …

  • Quote from freezy: “Quote from Citizenkane: “Good seems to still be my biggest shortfall. I think having a couple additonal weapons that do not require goods would be helpful. ” Try heavy armored units or mech inf ” Will do

  • Update... I think the Rocket and SP rocket systems along with the materials needed to research and build them is really well balanced against anti tank and artillery because you don't need goods. Good seems to still be my biggest shortfall. I think having a couple additonal weapons that do not require goods would be helpful. This version makes for some real difficult choices in how to spend your resources. Which makes me think that a doctrine that allowed cheaper and faster troops production wit…

  • Quote from cycle9: “There are CoW 1.5 games in FP beta test? Where? ” Not sure how common. I regularly look thru the new games tab and it poped up a couple days ago

  • Quote from freezy: “Quote from f118: “hm... if i see it right, we will have big troubles with 10er stack smarming taktiks now... Each 10er stack of own armour category on same attack way, with same speed and same time, would kill everything. Potentially megastack would defend each attack only with 10 units. And every defencive damage would be splitted by all attacking stacks. That mean attacker never receive 100% damage, but deffer does. ” That can be done already in CoW1.0, just with different …

  • Hello, There might already be a thread for the COW 1.5 Frontier Pioneer rounds but don't see it. 1) Building the two new rocket items and looking forward to trying them out. I like the concept of having them and artillery with additonal values vs heavy armor. Very well conceived game play addition. 2) Same with the new bombers. great idea to split attack values vs light or heavy armor compared to tac bombers. 3) would still like to see different values for cities so they all aren't the same. Jus…

  • So Games played looks correct now. Top three games played total is still not correct. But a step forward none the lease.

  • Quote from Ryan04px2025: “Yay! I think that i look better this way though. ” Ditto

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “Quote from Nooberium: “My game count is correct on Mobile but incorrect on PC. ” this is the way it is, Simply the desktop display is showing the wrong number. ” Would you let us know what number dev's think it is displaying, just curious...

  • Quote from freezy: “Hi, the problem is known and is being worked on. Currently on beta only units are producible which have not been researched past level 1. ” Hey there, yesterday i tried researching a level 1 item that I hadn't unlocked (Armored Cars) today I can build fully researched anti tank and artillery. I researching naval bombers now to see if it unlocked builds for anything else.

  • Hello I am not able to produce units> I have unit researched and correct level building to produce troops. Game only allows me to build buildings. Game 3117818