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  • Hello Generals In this post, try to put a tactic on morals, as well as you know recently that some changes have not occurred in the province to rebel. 1. INTRODUCTION When we conquer a province, its morale is drastically affected, dropping to 25%. This is as complicated as the things that have turned the day around and may turn out to be rebels and return to an enemy nation or neighborhood. And when a province is in good spirits -33% has chances of rebellion. 2. WAR X MORAL Example: Between a wa…

  • With Algeria it is good to have several wars, to conquer all of Africa,the Middle East, to go up to Europe.I like to play like that when I start in Africa. I only join in the last case, Only when I want to finish the map quickly, Otherwise I will eliminate all assets and leave the Bots. The nations easiest to on that map, Russian Empire, Communist Russia, Turkey, Caucasus. Good luck GeneralSorry if I have an error, I'm using the translator