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  • 4 years old and this Thread is still getting responses! Sasri 4 years later :

  • Odd Bug here. Try refreshing the page maybe? Either that or The Province is in revolt against you,which I doubt since you just captured it.

  • Cool Ideas! I Like the mines idea. If You see an Enemy unit moving in on your defensive troops/border send an engineer unit quickly to plant mines and traps for your enemy to trigger,however I think since most players especially offending players would hate the Mines idea, so Maybe make the Conventional Mines Weak in general, But the Anti-Tank and Sea Mines will have heavier armor and Strength? The conventional Mine is made to take out 2-4 individuals,and 2-3 small units is either a brigade or r…

  • CoWmunity Stumping Point

    AnotherLevel - - Off Topic


    I Strongly believe that Captain America would have the upper hand. He Has a lot more experience, A veteran of war (Specifically The Second World Conflict of which this strategy game is based off of.) He has faced technology,beyond imagination,and Captain America also has agility, strength, speed, endurance, and reaction time superior to any Olympic athlete who ever competed and of course,was part of a new experiment purpose made to produce Super Soldiers that could turn the tide of war, and help…