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  • What is revolutionary herE?:))) It is a well known tactic that has been used for a long time


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    you have no chance in alliance games or any other games for that matter, if your players are only able to sign in once in two days. people who sign in twice a day are very rarely successful, any less than that is a waste of time and effort

  • so.... @Butler has chickened out of the game he proposed, as he has not joined it after 2 days. Anyone willing to take his place? 10 player map 1vs1, starts when full ,

  • Rockets not working

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    What lvl rockets they were? If they were level one, they could have been shut down

  • Quote from darksoul111: “But you forgot that his majesty OP Butler will probably not bother with an under performing peasant like you and me @MihailMD ” i created a game, sent him password, he replied... but is yet to join and start it)))

  • I guess @Butler is scared after all))) I actually created a game , to be fair , it will be a 10 Player map, random countries. Just for two of us. It will start once you join. I sent you password in PM

  • I am ready. lets do it. Create a game ))) send me the number and password. 2 conditions only, it HAS TO BE NO GOLD. and once you lose you will make another post here telling everyone that you are wrong and have still a lot to learn ;)))

  • @miech , why did you abandon PL? there are still few hours left to join this month's round. You can definitely test newly balanced units here

  • Tactics, Stacking

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    betrayed by ally? )))) is in not a bit too far ? ))) I honestly do not remember being allied to you in the last round. Were you a part of USSR? I am always ready . bring it... get mods to open the map for start

  • Tactics, Stacking

    MihailMD - - Questions and Answers


    Quote from DxC: “There is no shame in getting eliminated early. If you get gang banged on day 3 by halfway competent players the best player would have a hard time defending it. The only shame is not playing PL ” i definitely agree with last statement. And somewhat with the first ..))

  • Tactics, Stacking

    MihailMD - - Questions and Answers


    all these great tactics @darksoul111, why were you eliminated so early in the players league?)) Is it because they only work on AI?))

  • Quote from DxC: “Mihail, what he is saying, as he tends to in general, is that he recognizes your flaws as he once had them when he was flawed, but he has since evolved into a perfect being. ” that is exactly what i understood as well

  • Quote from MontanaBB: “Quote from MihailMD: “nobody else seems to have as much grasp and knowledge of the game as you do, all i want is to learn from the master ” Sarcasm is sometimes mistaken for wit. After overcoming a propensity for that particular dark art in my youth, I now try not to confuse those two. ” maybe, but lame excuses and not being able to back up your words are never mistaken for anything else, it is always just that.

  • Quote from MontanaBB: “Okay. You're entitled to your opinion, Mihail. Now go badger someone else, please. ” nobody else seems to have as much grasp and knowledge of the game as you do, all i want is to learn from the master

  • Quote from MontanaBB: “Quote from DxC: “You may do well and you may not, [who] cares. ” Not really the point, DxC. I'm sure I would do fine. . ” I am not so sure... Actually, I'm not sure at all... I will say even more, I strongly doubt it))

  • Quote from DxC: “ah come on Montana. Join the June season and give it a whirl. You may do well and you may not, you cares. It's a great way to learn new stuff. Even if you get destroyed early on it will gain you more props than spouting theories on the forum. ” those who can....DO those who cannot...TEACH

  • all that talk , without any desire to back it up.... is... Dissapointing... It would really be nice to play and learn from the "best"

  • apparently two guys with the "BEST" strategy and skills in COW are not man enough to prove to the rest of us that they are the S...T by signing up for PL Right... @Butler and @MontanaBB?))

  • just like many others would also be willing to pay to have a game without gold usage.. It can definitely ruin the experience when you come across a very heavy gold user, albeit it is true , in most cases they have no strategy or any idea of game mechanics