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  • Here is an interesting situation: Country A has two tanks Country B has 1 AC and is occupying the fortress of Country C Country C has no units in the fort Country B and Country C are in the same Coalition The battle symbol comes up over the fort but neither country A or B units take damage. Why is that? Neither Country A or B go to war, rather instead they seem to be occuping the same fort at the same time, Country C retains his land though he has no units there to protect it.…

  • What is the cool down period for leaving and joing a coaliton in the Arms race 50 player map? Does it matter if you are kicked from one coalition before joining another? Are those times different, - being kicked or leaving ny your own choice?

  • Artillery Rate of fire?

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    Do artillery gns fire faster the higher level they become? Is there a chart or article on the RoF of artillery?

  • These icons appear now and thenm over my units but what do they mean? Link to image Nevermind I foud the answer. this topic can be deleted as its redundant.

  • How do I end a game if everyone has gone inactive?

  • Cant login to any game or even the site.

  • Air craft refueling is bugged. Some times they are taking as log as 2hrs to refuel. This recent most example a group of fightersare taking 45 min to refuel.

  • Not sure if this has been addressed or not, but having tanks pllants available before having barracks seems contrary to any military doctrine. Infantry is always the first to moblize Tank factories would have been car manufactures prewar but there are always standing inf. So if you weregoing to start a scenario with any military buildings it should be barracks. Secondly, I dont understand the difference in building 'local industry' and regular industry. They seem to be identical in what they do.…