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  • Deleted

    Task77 - - Roleplaying Threads


    Your link has expired.

  • WW2 Era Rp

    Task77 - - Roleplaying Threads


    I am planning on creating a roleplay server based in the ww2 era. This will be an alternate history round. If you are interested please reply below, thank you. ***link removed by moderator as external links are not allowed.***

  • The Ariland Alliance

    Task77 - - Alliance Introductions


    Ariland Greetings! My name is Task77. I've been playing COW for just over a year now. I've been through coalition and coalition and could not find one that I have fit into. So I've decided to just make my own. My alliance will prove itself to be active and logical. Yes, it is just me in the alliance currently, but does that mean its not active? No, not at all. Yes, we do have discord, just dm me for the link. Yes, Ariland does mean the land of gold. Please keep my alliance on your list if you do…

  • I was playing some Supremacy 1914 the other day and I realized how many great ideas the game had. I was quite surprised to see little to no forum posts about this. Supremacy's great ideas that should be implemented into Call of War: 1. Country and leader appearance. When I was exploring the game, I found probably my personal favorite feature. This feature gave you the ability to change your country flag, change your position in government (president, prime minister, king, etc.), and change your …

  • Since I started playing this game, I've been hoping from alliance to alliance. None of the alliances I've joined were active at all. I've tried to speak to some of the more active alliances and never gotten a reply. If someone owns an alliance or knows of an alliance that is active and friendly then please inform me. Thank you. Also, just a suggestion, I feel like inactive alliances should be deleted after a certain amount of time.

  • So, I've been playing the game for a little while now and I've recently ran into a problem. Every time I finish a game, they don't go away. I was trying to join another game and now I cant because finished games count as active games! Is there any way I can delete or leave those games? Please help me.