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  • Quote from Boozo: “Your father is cool ...and also you ” Thank you bro so are you

  • Quote from Dj_Axius: “Quote from kieran mcginn: “Quote from Dj_Axius: “I'm quite interested in joining and I speak English, German and some French. As well as being a tactician would love to join. ” Hello Sir Dj Axius,I would love for you to join i like the way your positive and motivated i like that you can speak other languages maybe you can teach me haha, it's free to join no Application needed ” I can't find the alliance in the search ” type in GLOBAL UNTIED all in caps it should come up

  • Quote from Vonderboi: “Im looking for a top alliance. I am a great player, super active and have unique strategy. I just left regulators due to me and the main guy not getting along( he is an absolute terrible leader and dictator ) I'd be glad to explain better. Was crushing him and two others in the internal practice game and he got really salty. ” Well my aim to fill to 20 members We currently have 15 members we are some Great players see i played a lot of games but i leave a lot of them due t…

  • I would love them too as well please. Btw My father has a flag company with over 35k flags on his site. He is always adding more he's even got stuff like the Airborne Division lots of different ones like the 101st Airborne Division ,13th 11th 82nd 173rd etc in different colors too he got everything and he still has tones to add to his site My father is so amazing in every Aspect he never accepts it and im not saying that because he is my dad but the amount he knows is a lot more than most people…

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    Quote from Boozo: “What is your favorite map to play? ” Personally I love the 100p map shame more counties can't be played and more islands should be Added.

  • Quote from Boozo: “I am a level 36 and played for a while and have some good experience. I have been complimented for tactics some times and also never go inactive unless all my teammates leave. I am usually on or at least checking my games most of the day, play PC and mobile. I do not have wins yet but just about to get one ” Great would you be Interested Boozo

  • Quote from Dj_Axius: “I'm quite interested in joining and I speak English, German and some French. As well as being a tactician would love to join. ” Hello Sir Dj Axius, I would love for you to join i like the way your positive and motivated i like that you can speak other languages maybe you can teach me haha, it's free to join no Application needed

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “For those of you who wish to sharpen your skills as a team, there is also an event called The Team League which we will run in november. Teams of 4 play on the homefront map against other top teams. Look for the signup thread the last week of this month. ” Awesome i hope i can pull enough people to join my alliance, this sounds awesome.

  • New Community Coordinator

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    Quote from VorlonFCW: “For games each language has their own server with their own support staff. Maps and game text is translated into each language, so that when you join a game on that server everything is in that language. You may change your language server selection by clicking the flag in the upper right of the main page, and then joining a game in that language. On mobile the language setting is in the account menu in the lower right corner. If you wish to see posts in other languages on…

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “Quote from _Pontus_: “Yes; the problem being I never heard of this event before Would surely have participated if I had. ” You need to visit the community events section of the forum more often…&postID=177313#post177313…alliance-world-cup-rules/ and some others in the archives I believe. ” I have also bookmarked them i am not the best alliance but i am working on finding the right team for my tactics i would lov…

  • Quote from General Nightman: “It's different games, they have a similar premise, but they are still different. I didn't like supremacy, I consider it to have too much blunt force, but I didn't take the time to learn it either. I just preferred Call of War. ” i did have a little look i love the layout of the home page etc but found no research in the game well i could not see it they lack a lot on that stuff as for here it is much better but the home layout could look smarter i also like Conflict…

  • Quote from Marcos Sicilia: “There's a limit level? and you speak others languages than english? ” I personally can't speak other languages but i can use Google translate to help out but English is my main language, i did have a level limit but i made a friend who new to the game so i removed it for now until he gets a high enough level, my partner also plays she very new too so im trying get her to play more but you know what ladies are like with war games not many do play these types.

  • I have wondered that to for a long time but no one explained stuff like this to me that one reason i have started using this forum

  • how come on here to join a 100p you have to be rank 8 there its rank 3 how come also on there the great war 500p is also min rank 3 and not higher i must admit it a smart looking game not played it yet but looking forward to seeing what it is like if anyone here plays it please tell me if its worth my time or is it as bad as here with all these new silly rules and game changes

  • Quote from _Pontus_: “Quote from freezy: “If you read my post again, you will notice that I no where mentioned a "CoW 1", but Supremacy 1. The game is currently still in a test phase, that is why we did not ramp up marketing yet. Technically you can play it already but officially it is not fully released yet. We will ramp up the player base in the coming months. As for your demands: I think we don't have to prove anything, as harsh as it may sound. We take actions which we believe are in the bes…

  • I am the Leader of ( ALLIANCE ) ( GLOBAL UNTIED ) ( TAG ) ( GUWF ) which means ( GLOBAL UNITED WAR FRONT ) We require several types of people to join us. We would like to get the following types of people. Smart and clever with tactics. Kind and honest never betrays. Respectful and loyal. A warrior war hungry for bloodshed. Someone that wont give up easy someone that wants to win every game they join. Someone that will never go inactive and fail their round. We want warriors, Now im not the best…

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    Sorry for typing all that rubbish i was half asleep when i logged onto the forum i did not notice how old this post was until a friend pointed it out to me lol im so dumb

  • Release Notes 2019-10-01

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    Very happy to hear this, Keep the good work up.

  • Market Overhaul

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    Quote from gusv: “The market in my current game is not as active as the one shown by Pontus. I have cash, but can not buy resources in the market in my game. Have to spend some of that pricey gold if I have a shortage, making it expensive to play. Trade restrictions and taxes have killed the market in my game! ... ” Same here my coalition just about keeping me going since the market change

  • Quote from 24clayton: “well it sucks that you cannot trade resources outside of your coalition, a lot of time the markets are empty ” Couldn't agree more with you !