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  • But prepare to win by force anyway. Playing Ethiopia once: first round African wars went well so Day 8 economy was booming, all African opponents were eliminated and Saudi was captured. The 100p map is often decided in Asia and North India's coalition was the only obstacle to victory. South India and Iraq were decimated in their first war but North India was only weakened so I had to blitz Iraq and send the main army straight at India. He fought back well but reached his core just in time for th…

  • In civil discourse it is customary to explain the reasons for dislike. A button makes no meaningful contribution.

  • @taylorwohlt Your guides explain an approach to CoW (1.0) that closely matches my game philosophy. CoW is complex and they make a good foundation for thinking about the game beyond the basic mechanics. There is an art to balancing buildings with troops and use of the market can give an edge. Nice contribution. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised that your stats are similar to mine, except your K/D suggests you are more likely to get your troops out of harms way when diplomacy goes sideways…

  • Army Bar Update

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    Lots to like about this update. However, a feature very useful for planning moves was broken with the change. With a unit selected and clicking on Move order, travel and arrival times would adjust when mousing over different destinations. Now with no time info on mouse overs, need to issue multiple Move orders to find the intended spot by trial and error.

  • They will just move through them all but if you have High Command they will shoot at the nearest target every hour.

  • I have been short on each resource at one time or another. Depends on the map, the stage of the game and the military situation.

  • Quote from BladeFisher: “previously the first attacker who arrives won ” Can't be true. A long time ago I thought the same but I got the same result as you. I had enemy down to 1 hp but province was captured by a 3rd party interloper that made the kill shot. My troops got the blame for surprise attack on 3rd party.

  • FYI. When you share map or give RoW, it will cost you popularity if you take it away.

  • Economic Ranking

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    You get economic points for buildings: Barracks, ICs, Infra,Forts, etc. Click on the 'Economic Statistics' button in your User profile to see what you have earned.

  • The challenge of playing Latvia is playing diplomacy well enough to get in a winning coalition, or at least to survive.

  • New Units in CoW 1.5

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    Quote from vyliance: “wow good explanation i wldnt have done btr. Anyway since ur a game operator can i ask this: are we still going to have games which run wif CoW 1.0 or all games will be 1.5 ” Quote from Torpedo28000: “Ty, as far as I know, it will only be 1.5 games. But we have not been given a definite answer on that. The next 1.5 beta game will be an even tho and still play 1.0 games, we won't be getting 1.5 live for I believe at least a few months. ” I don't mind Bytro creating a new game…

  • Quote from dirge: “Roll back the decision to use food as research payment. ” Really I do sympathize with your problem. It took me a while to figure out how to adjust. But regardless of what is most logical, Bytro just isn't going to do as you suggest. If you don't want to continue as you are, will need to adjust. The old 'how to' guides don't work any more.

  • Morale is recalculated in every province at day change based on several factors. Infrastructure adds a positive influence to make Morale rise faster or fall slower.

  • Quote from Ryan04px2025: “later in game because researches are in greater intervals ” In late game, there just isn't enough time to keep everything upgraded with only two research slots. Thus, longer research times alone already pose difficult and multi-dimensional choices. If the OP's proposals were implemented, I could certainly adjust but they would steepen the learning curve of an already complex game. Since those who can't adjust are more likely to fall under my sword, can't say I'm totally…

  • Correct about what? I don't agree that Food economy is broken. It is more like a math problem that you haven't solved yet. The infantry is a side issue but yes, it become less important as the game progresses. This is because they are most effective as defensive units. The object of the game is to take the opponent's points. This usually requires destroying the opposing army. Offensive units are needed to make this possible so that's what I produce mostly. Infantry still have an important place …

  • Loss of Interceptors

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    Quote from revengegirl: “some players may have seen me talk about him on discord ” Surely that is my true blue ally. I didn't know y'all were that serious. It's hard to go wrong with bacon.

  • Stacking gold costs

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    Your proposal sounds reasonable but based on my experience with 'spenders' it will reduce Bytro's revenue and thus will never happen. In a recent round, I saw a player whip up 200 aircraft in a hurry. Probably wouldn't happen under your proposal.

  • Quote from Citizenkane: “So Games played looks correct now. ” Not so. The bug had dropped my games played to 4. I just checked again and now it's down to 3. If this keeps up I will have many wins having played no games at all.

  • Quote from MountainDrew4000: “I like your point of view, my problem with being the only active player is that AI nation produces 24/7 and you have to be quick to beat them before they get too powerful and also I'm not the best player anyway. ” Playing the AI could help you become a better player. Read the Forum and try out some of the things you read here. It's no risk to your stats. You could learn a lot if you actually have the desire to learn the game well enough to win.

  • Such a news item would best mention exile. Sometimes a player still has troops and captures territory again. Then you would need another news item to report that.