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  • I think they said there was an issue with the code where strategic bombers don’t work how they’re supposed to, they don’t deal the correct damage to buildings. They can correct me if I’m wrong but I think they said they’re working on it but it’s not a big priority for them. So I guess before they can make any changes you suggest they got to figure out why it doesn’t work

  • Rebellion Annoyance

    Vlanchavic - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Quote from freezy: “Quote from Braveheart23: “I'm having issues with how two full strength level 2 light tank brigades sitting in a province will join a rebellion and turn over to an enemy. (COW 1.5) That is unrealistic, and annoying beyond belief. Once upon a time you published a rebellion table, and with that many hit points in a province, there should be no rebellion. I wish you would publish your new guidelines at least. ” The needed strength value is currently higher than intended. Will be …

  • Email notifications

    Vlanchavic - - Bug Reports and Issues


    I have email notifications for when I get a private message. Usually I get them when i got inactive before picking a country to tell me I’ve been removed from the game. Recently I get the notification and then It comes through about 5 or 6 times right after each other and sometimes it stops and sends it again 10miniutes later. when I login there is only one message to read. it didn’t do this before so I guess it’s a bug or something. Not a big deal and doesn’t effect the game at all just abit an…

  • Quote from EZ Dolittle: “Actually in many teams and coalitions that I have been in we have given a country that is being over run a distant province so they can move their capital and stay in the game, cheering on the team and maybe doing spying and other things with transfers of goods/$$$ ” that’s happened to someone in a game I was playing once italy got taken out early and russia gave him sanctuary on the other side of the map. They stayed active the whole time into mid-late game and I guess …

  • I believe there’s also a cap on how many provinces you can trade in a single game

  • I understand the economic sabotage gives the province a morale penalty. So I’ve been putting them in provinces with no resources that has low morale hoping it will lead to a rebellion. is this a good strategy to try and gain land without war? or are the rebellions completely random. the province is on my border

  • Thanks. Driving me crazy I thought I had to press the pictures but Couldn’t remember exactly where/how. Cheers

  • Lol yeah I have no patience I don’t know how to delete this thread from the suggestions section. Thanks for the help.

  • I posted this to the Q&A section and nobody could really tell me how to do it so I came to the conclusion it’s basically impossible to disable max level buildings on the mobile version. So my suggestion is to add the ability to disable max level buildings such as level 3 barracks and naval bases. this is a link to the Q&A thread…evel-buildings-on-mobile/

  • it’s a level 3 naval base as far as I can tell there’s no way to disable them from the province list on mobile unless it gets damaged and needs repairs. screen shots show level 3 naval base in Gibraltar. Tap any of the building symbols does nothing…f4c02253e70c9600accbbf997 If you tap on construction tab for Gibraltar you’ll see no naval base there because I’ve already built all levels so I can’t disable it.…f4c02253e70c9600accbbf997 …

  • Normally if you become inactive you can join again but in your case it sounds like the host of the sever kicked you out so someone else could join and take over. So no you probably won’t be able to join that game again

  • Previously I just go on the construction tab and just tap on the next level of the building and disable it that way but when a buildings maxed out it disappears from the construction tab and I can’t figure out a real way to disable it directly. The only way I’ve managed to do it is by grouping it with a level 2 and disabling both at the same time but what if all of them were max level. How would i do it then?

  • I think the main problem is people just don’t understand how to balance the economy. It’s tough when you on building an army then realise your using too much food and oil but you got no resources to build infrastructure to increase production. Then you’re stuck in a rut as nobody really uses the market and as time goes on if you’ve invaded a few countries then chances are the ai that’s taken over most of the others have put a trade embargo on you That plus when you see all the superpowers join f…

  • Troops surrendering

    Vlanchavic - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Hey Quote from killingone: “@ender surrender troops can either be allowed to retreat or should be killed or maybe even a third option where you can add a quarter of them to your army and the rest retreat. ” I think if this idea is implemented then there should be a new POW camp building that gives a resource boost. Using the prisoners as slave labour. the boost would depend on the manpower sent there. The manpower would depend on the morale the troop had when he surrendered. As morale is linked …

  • Quote from GARY WACHTLER: “Greetings gentlemen. As this is only a beta test of a beta test, I do understand changes can still be made. These are my current thoughts. 1) requiring manpower to build facilities and upgrade is very constraining. 2) requiring a little bit of everything to build or upgrade anything is very constraining. In the original COW if I lacked a resource to build one type of building or unit, I could still build another that did not use that resource. 3) no unit upgrades. Why?…

  • Change ideas

    Vlanchavic - - Suggestions / Criticism


    The 1944 endgame map does need changing it becomes to imbalanced when players go inactive. The 25 player historical map literally covers the whole whole during the 1939 period I assume make it bigger means add more provinces, which I think would be a mistake seeing as it would drag games on longer and wouldn’t fix the problem you mentioned earlier where theres only 3 or 4 people active after day would only make it worse for the people who are still active But adding a railway to move troops…

  • I think the whole structure for coalitions is you are supposed to find them and apply not the other way round. But I agree with vorlonFCW I always apply to a coalition and if they don’t accept me I send a message making my case it would take away some diplomatic process of making contact with players finding out what they have to offer and dumb the game down even more.

  • Leavers Penalty

    Vlanchavic - - Suggestions / Criticism


    I think he meant that if you meet the conditions below Quote from Phonie2: “Conditions which allow for you to leave: You have less then 10 provinces The match has continued past Day 8 All of your coalition allies have less then 10 provinces (but not combined) Your maximun food/manpower production is less then 1000 You don't have any of your core provinces ” then you don’t get a penalty for leaving and going inactive. I think you thought that you will get kicked out if you met the conditions. Whi…

  • Disband Units

    Vlanchavic - - Suggestions / Criticism


    This simply needs to be added just as a means of resource management. Now that we can’t do some of the previous suggestions such as trading unwanted troops we have no way to reduce our resources expenditure which can soon add up to ridiculous amounts that can end up crippling your economy I’d suggest ‘Retiring’ troops maybe even a one off cash payment as a retirement package or something for troops And for all the vehicles planes/tanks/boats etc. You’d have to pay a decommission fee to strip the…

  • Market overhaul

    Vlanchavic - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Quote from Delby: “While I agree the trading no longer existing between peaceful countries makes things in the game a hassle, it's definitely more realistic as trading between countries in reality involves a lot of diplomatic talks and discussions. ” well it’s not like I’m just sending people random trade requests hoping they’ll accept. There’s generally a good amount of diplomacy and negotiation before making an offer( at least that’s my experience) and now it’s a hassle to go through with a de…