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  • The reinforcements usually have to arrive before the battle starts. If the reinforcements are moving when they engage the enemy, they will attack and usually remain as separate force till battle ends. Sometimes it can be worth it to force march if needed if you can get the troops there before the battle starts.

  • Balancing Changes

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    Quote from patriota75: “Quote from VorlonFCW: “Avoiding combat ticks is pointless now since this update from last August which started this thread. It is simply a waste of time to trick yourself into moving your planes so you think you are winning. I never avoid patrol ticks, and I don't recommend this foolish approach to anyone. ” i am not sure if this is right, but I had situation where 4 stacks of planes 5 fighters and 5 bombers faced my 4 stacks of 5 fighters and 5 bombers. i set patrol on e…

  • If there is no opposing air force, that is mostly true. 14 Interceptors @ 96% condition has 48% SBDE. So, two stacks of 7 each would do almost twice the attack damage while taking more damage initially since their would be two attacks per time period. Since you are doing on average about twice as much damage, you would destroy enemy units quicker. So, having 15 of each in one stack doesn't necessarilly do the most damage on average. So, for anything above 14 planes each, two stacks of planes is …

  • SBDE does apply to defensive fire as well.

  • If you march the troops into a province center, since they are moving, they will often merge.

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “The first 8 infantry will function, and the rest are mostly along for the ride. They are hiding behind the first 8 with their hands in their pockets and trying not to get shot at, while taking credit for the accomplishments of the first 8. Of course there is another aspect, which is damage absorption. When your stack of 30 infantry is attacked the first 8 return fire, but the damage done to the group is spread among all 30. If 30 damage is done to a stack of 8 infantry, th…

  • Till you get a feel for it, it is better to error on the side of keeping a greater distance behind.

  • Trading Troops

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    A player can only trade up to 10% of their military units per day (day change to day change).

  • Since they have a range of 150 km, Rail guns can hit battleships and other sea units without taking damage. If an enemy has a naval force off your coast, the rail gun can damage them without taking damage.

  • If there are 3 or less players and all agree, you can retire the game from the newspaper.

  • Rail guns serve a niche purpose. it is good to have them researched in case you need them. 1) Defending a coastline. I've actually used them quite effectively against stronger forces in Spain to fend off attacks on Spain's long coastline. Also used it effectively against stronger opponents to defend Columbia's coastline. They can attack battleships or convoys that venture too close to your coastline. The enemy (number 3 and 4 players in the game) couldn't land any forces in either case despite r…

  • Commandos are powerful mountain units. So, don't need mountain divisions. Cavalry: Infantry have machine guns which would chew up cavalry. Cavalry would be faster than infantry for short distances. Horses need to rest too. Horses seldom will gallop more than 1.5 or 3 kilometres (0.93 or 1.86 mi) before they need to rest, though horses can sustain a moderately paced gallop for longer distances before they become winded and have to slow down. A horse would not be able to cover as much territory as…

  • A similar situation can happen in Win 10. 1) It can happen if the unit selection button is too small even at maximum size (can be hard to find). 2) It is especially a problem for me when I have a lot of stacks in the area. It can be hard to find the button for the stack(s) that I want to give commands to. 3) Any particular units that you are having issues with more frequently?

  • Quote from Edepedable: “How do you manage to take out ALL the anti-air using artillery with only 2 artillery per group? Especially if the enemy has anti-air mixed in with other units. Does not seem like something that would work? ” Two artillery would work if the enemy doesn't have any artillery or only 1 artillery in the defending stack. It would be very slow though. Personally, I like to use more artillery if I have it available. More damage per round. Also it depends on the amount of defendin…

  • war i dont want

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    Best way is to make it painful. So, bombardment of his units is good. Bombardment also lowers his province morale. Having subs to pick off any convoys he might be inclined to send is good too. Communiicate with him. He may or may not be willing to end the war. If you appear weak, he definitely won't be interested in ending the war. Bombarding with ships, art, or air is good because you can keep your causalties down but may inflict enough pain to have him reconsider. Keeping his causalities down …

  • Quote from _Pontus_: “Now that I have my 1st paratroopers: - tech level developing times are extremely long (2 days+ for each level) - cost are very high - production times are very long The research slot occupation time and the accumulated costs lead to very high 'opportunity costs' (= all that you didn't achieve, but could have, if you hadn't developed this unit) I am testing the unit, but as it is, I it still doesn't seem to be a unit I would soon develop in a regular game. In any case not ea…

  • Also use your planes to recon strength or weakness in enemy provinces since this is usually the quickest way to recon. If you can't recon with planes, an armored car or tank is the next best.

  • I do anti-tank a lot earlier because it is a short research time and anti-tanks help against single armored car or light tank attacks which some players like to use. The anti tanks slow them down.

  • "Know that all the industrial complexes will be destroyed when they are not level 2 yet." You meant badly damaged. Often the AI will start level 2 industrial complex, So, sometimes it is better to wait some hours before attacking an AI. If the AI started a L2 industrial complex, then the repair cost of the industrial complex can be a lot less. You have to weigh that against other considerations.

  • 1) Capturing a capital raises morale in all of your provinces by 10% except for the captured capital. As Vorion said, if you can capture a lot of provinces and then grab a capital near day change, you often won't have a risk of rebellion. You can often do this by killing any defenders first. Then you capture later with a ground unit. 2) One infantry or two militia will reduce the risk of rebellion but not necessarilly to zero. At 25% morale, you need 7 ground unit points (for most units attack p…