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  • I am not sure I see the points of making the limit higher specifically for convoy. Your battlefleet will fight, not your convoy, whether you have 10 or 100 units in the convoy, provided you have at least 10 warships.

  • I think most of us who know a bit about the rules of the game know that

  • Consolidating units

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    Quote from Last Warrior: “Quote from Chimere: “- Still cost as much as a full sized unit in maintenance, - Cost as much as a full size unit in upgrade - Take 1 slot in combat out of 10, - Goes slower, ” 1) They should have same or even higher maintenance cost. This troops gain higher reinforcements in change of maintennance cost. "heal" of 14% "damaged" value per day change.2) They should do. 3) use more then 10 units in stack is not prohibited, 10 strongest units will take part in battle. Other…

  • Yeah I don’t use nukes either. Nuke planes get shot down, nuke missiles can be dodged. i see their point though and I can imagine a game where I would use them.

  • Quote from Cloudpop2: “Quote from BMfox: “Quote from TomtheBuilder: “Militia, paratroopers, railroad guns, and strat. bombers. ” Ah yes the strategic bombers, why use them at all? Why destroy the buildings if they could be to good use to you once you have taken the city. They are however interesting to use them when a player has built a nuclear reactor but spies can do the job too. ” Agree. And If for some reason you want to destroy somebodies economy rockets are better anyway. ” I use to find t…

  • The problem is that you could skip DAYS of production by building a level 1 unit then upgrading it to max level in 4 hours and half.

  • Quote from BMfox: “Quote from Cloudpop2: “For me its militias, mech.infantry. ” Mech infantry are great. They are the fastest unit in the game, they are amazingly good against tanks, they have a very good anti air value too. The are great against infantry, tanks, aproach a railroadgun or artillery fast, deal a lot of damage planes. What more could you wish for. ” I love them, but their key problem is that they are countered by the same thing as medium tanks, unlike motorized infantry.

  • Aircraft carriers.

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    ah yes I don’t play world power in historical. Too easy. On 100 players map you can’t really I guess.

  • Whats next?

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    The Brits have the Royal Marines The French have the Fusiliers Marins and the very well reputed Commandos-Marine (French Navy SEAL) The Italians had the San Marco Marine Brigade, which were absolute Space Marines and was according to von Arnim (Rommel's number #2) the best unit available to him, when including both Germans and Italians. The Japanese Navy had a massive land force. The Americans probably fought more Japanese "Marines" then Japanese "regular land army" in their island hopping. Only…

  • Aircraft carriers.

    Chimere - - Questions and Answers


    Yes, very strong points indeed. Protection from missile shenanigans, especially versus big paying users, is underestimated. In 1.0 I would usually escort carriers, because a submarine group, a fleet or even a bunch of naval bombers can sneak on it while you are inactive, and every carrier you lose lose its planes. I would escort typically with cruisers which can kill planes and tank damage, IMO the most important threat to carriers. In 1.5 I have not had much opportunities to use carriers agains…

  • Quote: “100% about rushing to victory. = no point in playing smaller countries = no real strategy employed = short term decisions vs long term strat ” I am not sure why 1.5 is about "rushing to victory", "short term decisions" or "no real strategy employed". What I can say for sure is that 1.5 has less TACTICS due to : 1. Some units having better offense and some units having better defense, means being in defense is not really that much of an advantage => So no need to position your troops in a…

  • The New Call of War

    Chimere - - News


    The research tree revamp in 1.0 was one of the best thing that happened to classical.

  • Ah well. I only used them for their huge HP/hour (or HP/ cost), never upgraded them past level 1 but it saved me more than once in early game.

  • Even in 1.0 ? It geenetated HP fast and cheap to bolster defensive stacks.

  • Paratroopers :p. Joke aside, in 1.0 => Paratroopers of course, Tank Destroyers, Strategic bombers (though I know they can be made to work since I was on the receiving end somewhere) 1.5 => Not clear yet, but heading toward Paratroopers, Militia and Armored Cars. Railroad trains and Commando I haven't used them so far but maybe I will ?

  • Quote from GrandEmpire: “you dont need computer qualifications? i dont know what these new fanfangled things are... ” You typically need at minimum a general understanding of game design and (in this case) freemium design, some if not most companies request at least a basic understanding on coding (typically on Unity, even if the company does not use Unity it allows to prototype quickly and/or it proves that you know the basic dev constraints/logic). Having played a lot of games does not really …

  • Quote from whowh: “Quote from Chimere: “the game I attached in my signature ” The 'yellow peril' round is really good. Have you only made one of these? ” Thanks. I only made one of Call of War. If you check my signature THERE, I did quite a few for various games.

  • New unit idea!!!!,!,!

    Chimere - - Beta Feedback & Issues


    Quote from whowh: “Quote from Ciro702: “his can also correlate to militia, as their primary use is for defense also. ” Just wondering, If destroyers deal more attacking damage than defending damage how do they perform better defensively? ” Because like patrol boats you use them for interception, not for holding a position. For navy, the "defending damage" is rarely used except vs submarine or if someone wants a fleet "stopped" since well you shoot at the opponent at range. The problem with addin…

  • Are you sure it wasn't an hidden unit, typically militia or AT or Commando ? If the inactive player had queued units or if the AI has been in command for a few hours, then it makes sense that you start to see units.

  • Aircraft carriers.

    Chimere - - Questions and Answers


    Aircraft Carrier can only receive 2 planes at level 1. After that, it is +2 planes/level if you play 1.5, and +1 plane/level if you play Classic. In addition, in Classic, only Fighters, or Tactical Planes above level 3 or 4 can embark on a Carrier. In 1.5, any Tactical, Assault or Fighter plane can embark on a Carrier