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  • Quote from Giovanni_Rose: “Greetings! My alliance has been bored recently with mundane players and fighting bots. My Second-in-Command thinks it is a good idea to challenge your alliance. Please respond with contact information to your leader so that we can discuss the details. Best Regards, Giovanni Rose ” ı m sorry ı left the call of war :(. İf you want battle you should talk to him. in DC isqux#6880

  • This is very professional and good. I think it would be more elegant if the buttons were below the location.

  • Hi guys, We are the alliance of Emperors Of Victory . We are looking for competitors .We have 13 active pro players for this battle . Challenge us if you are brave . Come on now don't be afraid so this is very boring . You should be kind so this is only game and we are here for fun COME ON US

  • Arty 1.5

    marasinsefiri - - Beta Feedback & Issues


    Quote from dw98: “Why does a level 1 - 75mm howitzer have the same range as a level 6 - 155mm ? ” 75mm and 155mm related to the size of the cannonball so range is the same