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  • Thanks, good information.

  • Thanks, I will look at the specs again. Maybe I don't understand the numbers. All units have defense - but I thought that didn't mean they could counterattack a unit - like a bomber. Artillery has a defense, but didn't think this meant it could shoot down a plane! I know artillery can't initiate the attack...

  • Apologize for being a newbie, but curious why my Naval, Tactical, and Strategic bombers take regular damage every bombing run despite the target having no aircraft attack capability listed, and there are no AA units anywhere near my targets. It seems like attacking unprotected artillery in open terrain should be quite effective with planes, but in fact I see more damage to my bombers than I see to the targets. And this seems to apply to all types of targets. I have even seen Strategic bombers at…

  • Question on diplomacy. I was playing along in one of the tutorial scenario games, doing okay, and suddenly discovered that apparently my adversary in total points had "partnered" with every country on my borders - so he suddenly had share map/right of way, etc. for every country! His places actually started patrolling using all these countries as air bases. And suddenly my entire front is being attacked by units of his originating from multiple countries! Seems like bug that you could just join …

  • Combining Units?

    MarcoPolo58 - - Questions and Answers


    Thanks, for some reason I just needed to do refresh on my browser...strange.

  • Combining Units?

    MarcoPolo58 - - Questions and Answers


    I must have missed somewhere along the line how to combine individual units into a consolidated army. I have several units in one city, how can i combine them into an integrated force? Thanks.

  • For some reason, can no longer click on a unit (friendly or other) and bring up any data related to that unit. Severe issue, don't know whether I did something to cause it but makes game unplayable. Thanks.

  • I inadvertently switched my desktop mode to mobile mode, and can not switch back to desktop. Some type of function key? Thanks.

  • We are having the same discussion in our round. Everyone tells me save your grain for research, don’t waste it on militia or infantry. They eat so much grain and take much longer to build vs tanks or artillery, etc. Even so, without hard real world cash or constantly selling all my resources for food, I can’t do hardly any significant research and get left behind!

  • Thanks for the great information. I just realized that the forum (Q&As) might have been a better place for my question! But this is quite helpful.

  • Regarding resources - especially food. I am a new player, and have only participated in a couple of rounds, playing as Ukraine. In both cases I have struggled mightily with food production, even though I have tried to build Infrastructure, etc. in resource locations. As a result in these scenarios I can afford to build limited infantry, and have to wait for food to catch up. I don't know ways to increase food production, and as a results I am constantly selling my other resources. Maybe there is…