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  • Call of War 1.5: Mechanics & New Balancing

    edfactor - - News


    I like units not auto upgrading, but manual upgrades would be very painful. How about a disband option, gives you some resource and all the manpower back.

  • Quote from Rrred: “Quote from freezy: “Plus, we are planning to implement functionality to upgrade your units on the map manually, in future versions. ” Do you mean gold @freezy? ” LOL that is funny, I like jokes. It is a joke right?

  • Ok having played 1.5 for a shirt time these are my first thoughts. I like the new buildings. I do NOT like the new costs, it feels like you have made all of the resources the same. Every unit takes some of everything to be built. Resource homogeny is not a good idea in my mind; rare is no longer rare, oil is no longer oil - they might as well be resource X and Y. Effectively players could have only 1 resource that being equal to their lowest resource available. An argument could be made that the…

  • Events Scenarios Maps

    edfactor - - Suggestions / Criticism


    I like the faster maps, like the 2x speed was good but i didnt like the continent it was on so much. But 4x speed world map was great.

  • event

    edfactor - - General Discussions


    why cant i find that cold snap event, does the game need to be created by someone?