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  • I hardly use militia due to how slow they are. Heck, even Anti-Tank guns are faster

  • Quote from JesterTheSheep: “Mongolia is the best of all lower tier nations. Threats to your nation are existent, but your army is enough to hold its own for now. You begin with more rare materials than most world superpowers, an OK amount of food, a crap amount of steel and oil, sure, but that can be fixed. It's just really hard to invade Mongolia early game, because all the big armies are either far, far west of you, or far, Far East of you. Play your cards right, and you can win as Mongolia ea…

  • I like Australia since I'm not someone to charge into combat on the first day of the game, but the problem with Australia being so isolated is that there are hardly any VPs in the Pacific

  • 1. Manpower would significantly be higher due to the population boom after the two world wars 2. Wars would be drastically more destructive, especially with the use of nukes 3. Anti-war movements would probably be started in countries at war 4. Best case scenario would be small countries bullying each other 5. Worst case scenario would be big countries harassing each other

  • I agree. I never thought anyone would trade their capital away but if there is someone who does so, the inability to trade capitals should be added

  • I like the idea of water being a resource in the game, but not a lot of people agree

  • Quote from MICHAL16: “Change planes wiew on Old version. Now they are UGLY!!! ” I disagree. I believe the Allied fighters before the model change was ugly. They look much better now

  • I agree with the people above me. If there was no cooldown between leaving and joining coalitions, there would be too many betrayals. At least with the current system if one coalition member decided to betray his allies by joining another coalition, the old coalition would have time to react and plan what to do with him

  • naming regions

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    Naming provinces seems fun, but the mods would have another thing to monitor over in case someone decides to name a province something dirty or racist

  • Newspaper articles can already be reported, but I can see what you mean

  • Quote from papadopoulos-colonel: “subs they are super over powered till someone makes naval bombers ” Wrong. Submarines are overrated garbage which is hilariously underpowered against escorted ships. Destroyers are already one of the most common ships you see players use. Due to this, subs are hopeless against battleships and convoys protected by destroyers. There's simply no way a sub can beat a fleet of 11 ships, let alone ones with Naval Bombers as support

  • I like the idea of water in game, although not many people agree

  • Phone vs Computer

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    There are so many things that you can do or see on the computer which you can't on the phone. It sucks, and I hope Bytro can fix that

  • I feel like artillery as a whole is extremely underrated. There were certain battles where I barely won due to artillery support. In my current American Homefront game, I'm Florida in a battle against South Carolina. My troops were severely outnumbered by their troops, but I had more artillery than they did, and I bombarded their units until my infantry could finish them off

  • Quote from Nooberium: “Got New Zealand randomly on 100p. Took 42 days to win. Was a big job. ” Yeah it sucks that New Zealand and Australia are in the Pacific where there are minimal VPs. But Australia is slightly better than New Zealand as their manpower and industrial capabilities are stronger than NZ and the aussies control Papua New Guinea when the game starts, allowing an invasion of the Dutch East Indies without a naval invasion

  • Quote from Ryan04px2025: “Quote from Valewonca034: “It's a good idea, realistic, but I think they should implement rivers first. ” Yes, the maps here need to add a lot of details to have rivers and other things which I think would be another COW 1.5 type of thing.Quote from KrestelGaming: “Maybe add Desalination Plants as a building in costal provinces, which turns saltwater into freshwater in exchange for daily money and maybe oil upkeep costs ” Would this make the game more confusing as said h…

  • I mean, you could have just quit the game rather than ranting about a game which you wouldn't even play anymore

  • There is a unit called Paratroopers. These guys can land in enemy territory from planes without attacking any provinces

  • Maybe add Desalination Plants as a building in costal provinces, which turns saltwater into freshwater in exchange for daily money and maybe oil upkeep costs

  • Quote from cycle9: “Quote from KrestelGaming: “Yes you can make peace with an enemy player and keep their provinces, and when you and them are in the same coalition, the provinces don't get returned to them ” Grammatically garbled rehash of what Vorlon has already stated.Incredible that so many wander afar from their home languages to make utter fools of themselves. ” Imagine insulting those who are helping others. English is my first language, thank you very much. If you don't want anyone to pr…