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  • The patrol interval was kept at 15 min, the only thing that was changed is that in every round only deals and receive ~50% of the damage.

  • Contracts

    G.E.H.R.E - - Suggestions / Criticism


    I think that instead of a moral penalty, this Contract or Treaty influences your global popularity. If you make a treaty of peace or non-aggression, you gain popularity and if you break one you lose popularity. And to prevent players from taking advantage of this to increase their popularity, you could ban these treaties between allies of a coalition or with players who have Shared Map or Share Information and put a limit on how many treaties you can have at the same time.

  • Field Hospitals?

    G.E.H.R.E - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Quote from whowh: “I also play the bytro game Conflict of Nations (CoN) ” First of all, CoN is not a Bytro game, it is a Dorado game. The mobile application is a "collaboration". So, I also think it is a good idea to implement field hospitals, but I think it will be difficult to balance in terms of resources and time to build. And if you want to add a moral boost, you will have to modify the propaganda office.

  • Help!

    G.E.H.R.E - - Questions and Answers


    It is not an exploit, it is a mechanic that the game has with "High Command"

  • The morale and HP of a unit are related values but they are not the same.(%morale*MaxHP)/100 = CurrentHPThat is why when you upgrade a unit, morale is what determines the unit's HP after being upgraded.You say that your planes were with 10 HP at level 1, so they had their morale at 66.7% so after upgrading to level 4 their HP should be 30 (Tactical Bomber) or 33.4 (Offensive Bomber). Sorry for the poor English, i did this with google translator