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  • Well it’s war time, the unarmed can choose either to accept the bunkers or sit to die.

  • So the Bytro guys officially sentenced lifelong exile to v1.0 and 1.5 is gonna take its place. 1.5 may be better than 1.0 at some point, but in some way it is super duper illogical. At some 1944 the germans invented the worlds first jet fighter in the world. coz allies are having a good time bombing major cities, Hitler ordered the mass construction of factories— in all those rural areas. And the factories managed to build a total of 1430 of those difficult to produce Me 262s. Infantries can be …

  • AND the biggest issues of all: NO fancy nuclear warships, NO unit production in rural for me in 1.5!!! Because of this, I skipped nearly every 1.5 event. The 1.5 doomsday is kind of an ‘unnecessity’ when compared with its 1.0 counterpart.

  • Light tanks

    Joe-6989 - - Questions and Answers


    Quote from Butter Ball Bill: “Quote from car dusan silni: “I say this is stupid if tanks are fast they must have low armor and weak gun ” Lol, not true. Look at any modern MBT or lots of WWII era and beyond medium tanks. Also, most tanks have incredibly weak rear armour which can be destroyed with a tiny gun. Also, the tanks gun be using stuff like wolfram core shells and sabot rounds. Quote from car dusan silni: “Bomb from bomber to cant destroy a fucking light tank i say this is a stupid . ” W…

  • Attached please find TWO snapshots showing different k/d ratios. The one with .92 ratio is the one taken from “my games” page. The one with .94 ratio is the one taken from the info tab in one of my latest games(just joined hours ago). The .94 ratio stat is correct, and I am absolutely 999999999999999% sure about that. I don’t know why i killed an extra 10+ units and lost 40 of those. I have been fighting with AIs all the time so there should be no human casualties.

  • Good Morning, my fellow Commanders! This is Blitzkrieg Fun. WE BELIEVE BLITZ IS FUN, FUN IS BLITZ. We currently have 10+ active pros who is extremely proficient in the art of BLITZKRIEG. biggrin.png biggrin.png We are now searching competitors who is willing for a real fight, not afraid of encountering pro people. Challenge us if you dare cool.png , come on now, don't be afraid. SOME FATALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: NONE OF US ARE BULLIES, WE ARE EAGER TO LEARN MORE, AS WELL AS HELPING OTHERS IMPROVE! P…

  • anyone wanna fight

  • nuclear boats r so overpowered alas seldom do people know their true value

  • thought bytro had abandoned the 1.0 games. no great improvments are done so far. no new units, no new structures, no new mechanics etc.

  • One more point, mines can be put on roads and they will be shown as blue dots(a blurry map i can imagine). Sea mines will be shown as black(?) points. and about the rocket boat it is put under sp rocket arty so its secret branch thing

  • Sorry for the lengthy post, if i do come up wit new ideas this will be the place you guys gonna see it. Feel free to comment below.

  • Yes yes, it's me again. The boy who proposed the idea of super heavy tanks*. The mechanic--Some specific details: Mines are a special unit that can cause heavy damage on troops that stepped over it. It can only be revealed by engineers, mine sweepers** and spies. There will be three kinds of mines, one being the conventional one(high explosive),the second one being AT mines(armor piercing), the last being sea mines. Build Requirements, Research and Costs : - Engineer Lvl. 2 - Research: Mines lv…

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “Hang in there... you're NZ, by definition, no one is near you, so you can rebuild! ” Well he might hv been invaded navally

  • Ahh I'm lvl.51, highly active, but NO INVITATION THRU THE YEARS. GET THE AI THAT PRODUCES OFFERS HERE, I PROMISE THAT I WON'T CRASH ITS PROGRAMMES.(pretty lethal if i do it anyway)

  • Tablets are somehow difficult to classify. They are mobile and desktop devices merged. Tablets have serious difficulties in running the game softly and smoothly in mobile versions, especially when it comes to espionage and newspaper. Everything instantly freezes and i have to quit the game. When it comes to desktop, however, the game experience is OK despite that it is impossible for us to select mutiple armies.

  • Very interested in becoming a pioneer but it seemed that the only way to become a pioneer is to hope that bytro workers will somehow choose you. Very different from how we apply for game ops or mods.

  • Quote from iNot_here: “Quote from Ryan04px2025: “Yes I think that is accurate in terms of how nukes work but it sure is going to be a bit complicated ” Yeah, not to mention the fact that ground strikes had thousands or more years of pollution ” Nuke pollution lasts forever, but the strength of the radiation will be lowered by 50% each year.

  • I don't know why, but in game #3383658 my troops kept on attacking ukrainian troops although i was online all the time. I didn't gave any attack orders, and the wifi is very good indeed. Here is what one of the game operators said: Hello Joe-6989, Thank you for your message. Accidental wars occur when the troops of two nations encounter each other and attempt to occupy the same location. This has happened 3 times so far with Ukraine in your game . Most of the time, this occurs when two countries…

  • On improving your ever-sucking economy: 1. Everybody suck in terms of rare mat and oil production. YOU WILL START WITH A HANDFUL OF RARE MATERIALS AND MONEY, SO BUILD AN IC WITHOUT HESITATION IN ONE OF YOUR OIL OR RARE PRODUCTION SITE. 2. EXTREMIST BASES IN OPERATION SUPREMACY ARE LIKE PRODUCTION SITES IN COLD SNAP. Gather a decent number of forces and attack the bases, and you will be boosted seriously by the double production sites.( If you are philippines, YOU POOR THING! YOU WON'T HAVE ANY C…

  • New Unit Idea!

    Joe-6989 - - Suggestions / Criticism


    well about that lvl.4 ic issue, nobody is not gonna let their ic stay at lvl.1 till the end of the game. Logic. And super heavies cost nazis months to produce even though they are incredibly strong in terms of manufacturing industry