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  • The AI Cheats

    jamin81st - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Yes, as anew player, i am also seeing lost of "magic" before my eyes going on with AI. Some people call that cheating., or is it scamming in this case? Either way, sad to see a nice game with these type of issues. I think they probably lose players faster than they gain them.

  • I am a new player, but it is very obvious that AI has been designed to have significant advantages over human players. I would also go as far as saying it is programmed to cheat against those spending a little money, in an attempt to get them to spend more. My guess is the creators are hoping to scam even more money from players. As an example, the AI gets to build multiple tanks for the same base on the same day, while I myself have to wait 1-2 days, unless I want to spend real money to defend …