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  • He was doing bad things with the Japanese servers. What he was announcing on his blog was the user IDs of many people. (including traffickers and billing people) I reported to the support team. He's at the mercy of the administration if he gets banned. He promised that he would not release the user IDs of others in the future. However, he didn't know if he was also banned. I have not been contacted by the support team either.

  • If his name doesn't come up in the user search, is he being BAN'd?

  • Quote from freezy: “The new stack limit is indeed going to be 10. ” Thank you, that's very nice!

  • Thank you. That means that the big stack theory of Ver1.5 is more efficient. The 10-unit limit...the next test will be coming up soon, so we're hoping for that.

  • If this idea is correct. Attack Bomber 15. Tactical Bomber 15. Interceptor 15. is the best.

  •…d-balancing-descriptions/ - The 15 strongest values of each damage type now contribute to the army’s damage output - - e.g. the 15 strongest offensive damage values vs. unarmored targets, the 15 strongest defensive damage values vs. unarmored targets etc. - This means that the damage output gets limited if more than 15 units in total are part of an army, but it leaves room for optimizing damage output of larger stacks by combining units with strengths in different …

  • I have a question. For example, let's say you're carrying 45 units and the breakdown is 15 units of anti-aircraft guns, 15 units of anti-tank guns, and 15 units of artillery. In that case, for example, if the enemy is attacking with airpower, does that mean that the defensive value of 15 units of anti-aircraft guns will be used in an anti-aircraft battle and the anti-aircraft values of other units will be meaningless? Also, if, for example, of the 45 units stacked up, only the defense value of 1…

  • Call of War 1.5: Introducing Doctrines

    bewok963 - - News


    CoN and gameplay are getting closer and closer. Sure, there are different world lines, different types of units, and different performance. But it's kind of sad, because of the early access of CoN for Android, the information for this update came just as Japanese players were starting to play CoN. It may be a small impact, but there will be fewer Japanese players who enjoy both CoN and CoW. I think the update itself is a great one. This makes it more strategic and makes players think more than e…

  • In this case, does this mean that people who didn't have gold originally, but who got gold and used it because of this bug, won't be negative and won't change? Hm... Negative gold… People who got it in a bug and abused the gold will say it was Bytro fault. Even if the players who did not make a profit this time are compensated, it could be a big loss for the Bytro. It's impossible to convince everyone. In my opinion, the Bytro response to this bug is appropriate.

  • Did the English server fix the bug? But even now, tournament islands of servers in other languages are not full. The image is a screenshot of the Portuguese server. I hide it in black because it's another person's game. b072485bfe6daf2144f80c8e3fea5a7d184beea0_raw.jpg

  • Quote from Ryan04px2025: “So how many players are actually there??? ” One person Everyone... One person.fbaa1d5ae4720ced440ad15579666e37d6642016_raw.jpg 95e22f9e40d7ee2bf7c715bcaf2bf1d4b3a967b9_raw.jpg

  • Quote from Ryan04px2025: “So, I decided to join a tournament island. When I joined, I figured out that there are 3 allies active player and no axis active player. I tried clicking to join allies but it didn't work so I press randomly choose. I was send to the axis with no other active players or slots. I am not a 1V3 active player. Why is it full??? Its day 1 provided screenshot. I was planning to have a internal games with my alliance friends. Sorry about the screenshot, my computer is high def…

  • Did you check with a spy? If you check territory information with a spy, the numbers may be correct. In all other cases, anything that appears to be revitalizing the territory, even if the enemy builds the infrastructure lv3, counts as infrastructure lv1. The same is true for factories. Japanese community leaders have concluded that this is the case if the number of resources produced seems incorrect. (I don't know if he is right.)

  • Quote from freezy: “Thanks for the report, we will fix it. ” Thank you for your reply. I can report to the Japanese community that this bug will be fixed.

  • I wrote the required information and sent it again. If necessary, send the game ID of the Japanese player reporting this and the required information. (Information on all players who reported to me.  It's such a role because I'm a sub-leader of the Japanese community. ) Postscript I was replying with a message, so let's send it in a bug report as well.

  • There was an answer. We received a reply that this bug was not included in the reported game ID. I write in the bug report what he wants. ba73b8b3a31378d989f6ce0e6b44cee047f75d7a_raw.jpg

  • Quote from AK140: “I play on the Japanese servers as well, but I didn't encounter this bug from using PC, from your pictures it seemed it's from mobile version, so it may only affect mobile users I think? 私も日本のサーバーにいますけど、パソコン使いでその誤りは見つけませんでした。 ” It also confirmed myself. Submitted a bug report 14 hours ago. I wrote three things. ・This is a mobile only bug ・Bugs remain even when units are stacked. ・Bugs remain at any level of SPAA. Image when viewed on PC aa55ce8b964fb94a5723d86bed5d67f78542557f_…

  • I knew right away.This bug seems to be a fact. 3ed37fe8fdfc945dc0ceed48a6d60193dc4b79f4_raw.jpg

  • If the problem is not limited to Japanese servers, I think we can solve it right away. It may be difficult just to use a Japanese server.Japanese don't use bug reports very often. It's not that I was the first to make a fuss.Many players started making a big fuss on Japanese servers.I will check the situation myself and send you a bug report. Incidentally, the image above was posted to an app like Reddit Japanese version posted by a Japanese player.(I got his permission)

  • There is a bug currently happening on the Japanese server. Many Japanese players are making noise. b1767dc0ebb5e0ce7a313b5e89dd8b61e4e6aec2_raw.jpg