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    That's interesting.... That must be frustrating I really wish I could help.... Sorry

  • Interesting Situation. Well,what could have happened was that while your BattleShips were attacking the Cruiser Flotilla is, The Game could Have been broken during this specific Moment or The Army Bar (Since its Fairly New) Was frozen showing The Flotillas previous stats. So, most likely what happened was the Army Bar's Stats were incorrect/Frozen but That Flotilla was still receiving damage So when You came back most likely your battle ships defeated it.

  • Everytime It Happens Every time.. I'm in a good position, good coalition, experienced team mates. Then I go Inactive after just 2 days of not playing...and it kicks me from my coalition smiley169.gif . I Can Not say I enjoy the fact that the minimum activity is only 1 Weekend (World at War). The Minimum Activity should be 3-4 days. I Like to take the weekend off from Call of War, Mainly so I can actually sleep.... 00008356.gif but It would be a good idea to not kick an inactive Coalition player …

  • War Propaganda

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    445px-Ww2_poster_oct0404.jpgThis one really takes The cake! (WARNING: THIS IMAGE CONTAINS NAZI SWASTIKAS, YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN A CHANCE TO LEAVE)

  • War Propaganda

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    Hey all! Today, I'd like to shine some light on War propaganda. We know some are hilarious,down right lies or trying to get you to either enlist or buy War bonds! So I'd like you to search up the web for propaganda,not just from WWII But from any war. Post em' up on here They are an important part of history as well!

  • 1579828101-210275-3336-26.jpg We still remember,The Sacrifice,courage and the hard and long struggles to preserve the freedom, Sadly this generation is spoiled, and they tarnish it and are not thankful for it....

  • Quote from WascallywabbitCDN: “Think about how many hero stories there are that no one knows about because there was no one there to witness it or no one survived to tell it. For every one story we have, I bet there are 5, or more, we will never know about. ” So true...So sad....

  • Favourite Drink?

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    I am not old enough to Drink alcohol and I won't be for a while. But My Dad Says Bud Lights the best alcohol - wise . Any ways, My Favorite drink is The Root Beer Floats A&W Makes. You should really try it, it's amazing. rootbeerfloat_0.png

  • That is the harsh truth of war.

  • There is always trouble in the news paper, and when you tell the troll to stop,he insults you even more. It's pointless to engage in a confrontation on the News area. For some people, Like me, can't stand the large number of posts,so you either Have to read it or you have to waste your time constantly clicking the news paper so the Notifications go away...So this is a good idea,especially in World at War. I Hate when 50 people and fight and what not.

  • Quote from Little Racoon: “This thread reminds us that it is not the generals who win the battles and the war, but rather, the average soldier who does. ” Yes, I agree with Little Racoon on this matter. For it does not take brains to win the war,but men with guts. And anybody who says other wise,Should be drafted,and sent off to war with a rifle and At least 5-10,000 Enemy soldiers waiting for him.

  • Sorry,Guys.... I've recently had 3 pretty good ideas and they've all received negative feedback and what not. I Guess I was just pretty disappointed. Quote from WascallywabbitCDN: “and one person does not constitute a gang ... unless he was Andre the Giant .... he would qualify as a gang ” @WascallywabbitCDN I was using an expression.

  • I'm tired of it too. I always get a light bulb and then the light bulb dies a couple minutes later...I'm Like

  • It was something you could do....... You people always gang up on me for the smallest things.

  • By The way, I know this.... Do you think I'm retarded?

  • Hey all! I have came up with a great Idea! Do You Know how Convoys are very weak and are vulnerable to Air Attacks, Naval attacks,etc.? Well, what if we had a Unit made to Escort Convoys,Hold Troops and can be of use on land as well, It should also be able to Hold armored cars Too . Earlier models would look like an LVT(A)-1 (1942) Later Models should look like an LVT-4 Water Buffalo (1943) ! Now, I know this unit may be a little "specific", But what if your naval assets are all very far away,no…

  • I wish he was alive,so I could Thank him for his service... He shall Be remembered and honored. That's very interesting he had such an amazing Piece of History, I wish we had a picture!

  • Pictures above are meant to honor the following: Lewis "Chesty" Puller Richard B. Anderson Harold C. Agerholm Desmond T. Doss

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