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  • Hi Maitreya ok good to have you, join the Alliance and see if we can get into a game together, also I have a Alliance game going be good to catch you in

  • Pity you cant spend more time in it

  • Log in Issues

    gazsom - - Bug Reports and Issues


    On the browser actually

  • Log in Issues

    gazsom - - Bug Reports and Issues


    I have a steam account and ive normally been able to enter the game that way, through my PC and I once looked at my game through phone. Ive had a break for a few weeks, now I cant sign by PC without going through the issues of reactivating passwords etc, even though Ive re designated my password, the issue keeps coming up. I have a gold account as well. Im currently playing a in Alliance game to get used to V1.5

  • Requirements are for people with good com skills, and reliability. If you got those that mainly what matters. Not necessary to have COW skills although that would be handy, but people who do understand basic WW2 tactics and have a understanding of Logistics. No masochistic bs allowed.

  • Hi Looking for a companion or friend who can communicate and has some experience, in WW2 tactics. Not necessarily in COW. The more in depth background the better. I have an Alliance set up ready to go let me know if you are interested. Thanks Gaz

  • Look up Call of War cheats there you will see, How to Combat Gold Users on you tube, and see for yourself " How to Combat Gold users" on utube. Saying you must be nice to gold users (sarcastically)

  • I notice in a self help video where there were a high predudance against High Command Players, and how to get rid of them early in a game etc, do and donts against these players. Predudence of any form is bad news

  • Ive been involved in a game for 56 days now and the players that are left, are in a coalition we are the only ones left in the game. It is quiet obvious that the leading player is hardly doing any moves at all, I want to finish this game, and get the rewards for it. I have asked that for more commitment but still nothing happens. Whats the best to do? Talk to admin?

  • No its not me with the low global Morale, its the AI that operating with the Global Morale of 5 or 8 thats the problem, not me attacking them its the AI atacking other AI is the problem and Causing this mosaic of political colours all overthe place

  • AI unrealsistic attacking

    gazsom - - Bug Reports and Issues



  • No there was no DoW on me Im talking about the mosaic of countries that you have to fight you way through to get the one you are at war with out of the way. In my case back then it was with West Yukatia.....Besides I always DoW before I attack. DoW = Declaration of War

  • WHen a player leaves a game and has a large army they left behind, this same army then goes amok in the game taking territory that is unrealistic from a political point of view and a logistical point of view. The result is a mosiac of twisted complicated territory that has to be taken by the player in a end game situation. This may mean decalaring war up to 3 countries at once, which plays havoc trying to finish a game, which becomes far more protratcted thenit should. The attached photo is just…

  • There is always a counter move, subs go down real quickly with Naval Bombers

  • I dislike the word noob!

  • Thanks for the heads up, Ive combined carrier groups, fortunatley I never had the opportunity to launch as the game ended Thanks for the heads tho

  • In the course of the game anyone can see what your own country political status is, but you cant see if your neighbour or anyone elses status is towards a third country, and what that is? The only way is by looking at the paper?

  • Ive seen some strange activity where a player would move his forces into the territory, of the AI a little away from a town, all around and inside the borders and the AI still didnt declare war on the Invader. He wouldnt get away with that in a player vs player so why should the AI let people get away with a blantant infringement as that? Gamey tactics that have no place in tactics anywhere near a real scenario

  • Well what I just saw, I think I will reconsider the idea again. Particulalry after waiting 3 days just to get someone to respond, to the basics of courteous behaviour. If they havent got time for that, then they wont have time for other smaller things that will matter over time Im afraid. Besides you dont know me at all, so how would you know whether I can or cannot master the art as you say.

  • well Im afraid its open again for training alliance 2. I dont wish to be involved with them due to the time its taken to reply to emails, and messages, I wish you all the best of ENglish luck to you.