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  • Read the units information to learn the Attack and Defense values. Only then you will know what is best for any required task. Also in any strategy game or real life problem the most important is carefull observation. The proper word is "artillery". Practice "paying attention" exercises to read and write properly. Good luck.

  • I think that in order to become a Moderator for the English language servers you must first learn to read and write proper English. Good luck.

  • Please bring back the "Blitzkrieg 1939" map to the "Classic" version of the game. It is the best map for the 1.0 version. It's the most interesting and close to a "realistic" WWII strategy game. Thanks.

  • My soldiers must be starving, if I don't give them their daily meal they will die of hunger!!! (*cries)

  • I totally agree

  • Quote from Chimere: “Quote from WayneBo: “And only units lost are front reports, Never enemies defeated, gives one some insight into the minds of the "developers". ” What are some of tose insights ? ” .... ahem .... Think. It's a good habit.

  • Quote from GGBugh: “I don't even know where to start. The AIs have built 9-stacks of troops ” Now for the direct answer to this I can say I'm not expert but I did study some guides and been succesfull a couple of times at the tactical level (close combat, battles). You must be ready to sacrifice some bombers if all the AI stacks use AA and maybe also sacrifice some artillery if they use Artillery too. Need patience to build your own attacking groups, fly over them or use Submarines and Cars to k…

  • As a general answer, (maybe not directly responding to your question/problem ) I see since the last update (End of September 2020) that the AI calculations for "popularity" declaring "embargo" and "declaring war" have changed, so another surprise to me was to see the AI actualling fighting much better, not doing the "suicide walk" with artillery and building stacks of 16 or 20 and even one of 40 units in a game that I had to battle for over 2 days to beat. I think that is good for begiiners to f…

  • Quote from DoctorDR1: “like the militia shooting their rifles, or pistols, or whatever weapons they have, at the planes. ” The militia is well known to drink wine on the way to the objective thats why they are so slow, they probably used the empty bottles to make some molotovs

  • Thank you, DoctorDR1

  • Where / what is a support ticket? I'm quite new on this

  • There is a Report button for users and another for bugs but I didn't see a report button in Alliance window (page) I found a very disturbing and -I think- inappropiate Alliance name I would like to report/complain about it.

  • ---------- Call of War Game Message, 16:36 Ranked period ends in 7 days The ranking period for games ends after 120 days. If you are the only active player a game only counts towards your global ranking for 14 more days. You can still earn victory medals and reward pay-outs if the round ends after the ranked period. ----------- This is published in the newspaper - we are on Day 14 of a Tutorial game (1 day= 12 hours)- I don't understand, it says the same thing ends in 120, 14 and 7 days? It is b…

  • It is fixed now, I hope it remains this way Thanks for your prompt answer!

  • My personal Information (Overview/Achievements) part of the main web page and inside the game changed and does not show my rank instead it says General of the Armies and the stats are all in 0 (zero) Bug? Server error? or what?

  • The symbol of Communism is and allways was historically the Hammer and Sickle.…ogos_of_Communist_parties You are misinformed or confused with the Socialist "Fist with a Rose" The fist used in the game means "power" used in many countries and different cultures. Maybe a game official admin/moderator could answer you better

  • WHY? images are blocked and it looks like I am logged in. I dont know what to do

  • CoW balancing changelog - 2020-07-14

    Gral Anibal - - News


    Quote from Arcorian: “Added Expansion factor morale penalty: Starting at 0 penalty when conquering provinces that amount to 1 nation (slight variations depending on the map size), goes up to -35 penalty when owning ~45% of all provinces on the map. ” I dont understand this, please someone write this again, it makes no sense or it's bad English or I'm not reading well. What starts at 0 penalty? what goes up tp -35 penalty? it goes up or down? both words in the same sentence makes it very confusin…

  • Cannot enter game

    Gral Anibal - - Bug Reports and Issues


    Problem solved. The game is available and finished now.

  • Where is my gold?

    Gral Anibal - - Bug Reports and Issues


    Thanks to all the answers. Problem solved magically, todat I got a nice load of 20,000 something Golden Gold Suggestions: Maybe the programmers could make more clear the end of the game and the Get reward messages. There are no statistics at the end, I suppose players want to know who won and number of points , kills captured provinces of theirs and other players, specially when you are new you want to know what was good or wrong. And there is no way to remember the other players name and put so…