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  • Instead of a day night cycle, I would recommend a weather cycle instead. That would mean at certain times, weather changes and the battlefield as well. In certain weather, some units should receive movement penalty while others have none. I also suggest weathers that can limit visibility or even cause air force to be unusable. It might also be a good idea to add weathers that hamper ocean cruise and other actions. This would actually help create more diversity and make combat more complex as wel…

  • Coalition map

    Lester Vinsony - - Suggestions / Criticism


    The current Call of War game is already pretty good, but there's one problem I have in every game. Coalition strength. The game already provides the number datum for coalitions, however it's still difficult to measure their strength. My suggestion is to make a coalition map. The coalition map groups each country's color based on coalition. This would help players determine the strength of opposing coalitions and help plan for strategy and tactics. An example of this would be the faction map from…