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  • Quote from whowh: “As in real life, the allied doctrine is designed for armies of highly mechanized units with huge huge huge amounts of bomber support. In numeric order, land stacks (for me) consist of SPARTIES, Mech infantry, Medium tanks, SPAA, and Mot infantry. The arties deal damage to armor and ranged damage, the mech infantry deal damage to infantry, the med tanks do light armor damage and act as a meat shield, and the mot infantry is a scout unit. Despite being heavily focused on, these …

  • artillery right now is far too dominant, extra range would make them the only meta estrategy

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    there is a trick using interceptors. Basically a interceptor can defend a unit from enemy planes without beeing spoted. Your bombers only see what is inside their patrol circle but a enemy interceptor just touching the patrol circle borders of your bomber, it can deal damage without beeing spoted by your bombers. Probably this is happen to you.

  • here a trick, you should go on day 1 for mot infantry light tanks and interceptors. The initial infantry is only for defend do not produce more basic infantry, once you gather a considerable force of planes tanks and mot. attack with all the mobile troops the weakest point on the enemy line and go directly for undefended provinces If the enemy is active bee smart if he mix all their troops on big units avoid them and go for undefended provinces. If he disperse their armies attack them one by one…

  • Quote from vietcong2005: “I destroyed 3 Day 1 attackers without losing a single unit. ” thats is not necesary you beeing good but your enemies beeing bad. I can defeat 5 players at the same time if they are not active or smart, but i cant even defeat a player who can spend all his day playing games and he knows how to play.

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    The key with comintern is not upgrade your units but your production building, and just keep spaming troops. Also just go for artillery and unit for protect this artillery(rckts, basic,RRG).

  • Quote from vietcong2005: “Most of the time the people you blitz are inactive. It will be easy. However if the player is active and prepared, you're bound to lose. ” most of the time ppl who blitz is inactive, they just send their units to the enemy one by one thats is exactly how not to do a blitzkrieg.

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    Bombers are not good against good very active players, interceptors are the only solution in a lot of cases, also anti air are very hard counter against planes. Making bombers very situational but not good to destroy larger stacks of units. [list][/list]Research is not that good either, remember, more lvl of a unit, slower it will produce, for this reason theres intances were i do not research anything. Also reduced production times are not that good once you can spam a lot of production buildin…

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    For me allies is the worst doctrine. And The player who i fear the most like the comintern over the other doctrines. I think the problem is that ppl usually instead of adapting their playstile to the doctrine, they try to adapt their doctrine to their playstile. Some ppl say allies is the worst, other comintern, other says is pan-asia. But overall when a doctrine is used how is suposed to be, all of them are monsters in their own way.

  • comintern doctrine has the problem of beeing too weak early but too strong late. If you can survive and expand well comintern is unstopable. The problem is survive the first days and expand fast enought, the other doctrines can expand faster than comintern, for this reason the other doctrines can get the resources of their conquest, having the same resources of a comintern player.

  • they work well to cut the retreat of an enemy army, specially if you rely More on Melee rather than artillery & your enemy Is very active and do hit AND Run. i would not suggest to attack direct on enemy army but rather unprotected provinces. They Also work for reducing Time of disembark of larger armies on enemy territory, or take upgraded enemy air bases when you stablish air superiority on the provinces.

  • again, this Is not a problem of doctrines but individual countries, maybe you produce less oil but your country should produce More of another resources.

  • resources production is not related with doctrines. The diferences comes for diferent resources in rural provinces.

  • Quote from Aritemis: “So if I get hold of all nukes in the world then fall off a cliff, does that mean that I am a world superpower? ” Every superpower could be humilliated if they had bad leadership. Soviet unión on the winter war Is a excelent example, even the US could be humilliated against a small country if the high command and polítics Is bad, united states on Vietnam Is an example of a superpower Beeing defeated against a small nation just because the polítics do not support the war effo…

  • Quote from Aritemis: “Grand, France wasn't a titan during the war. German troops overran Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France in six weeks. They signed an armistice, basically leaving Britain as the only allied power, since the US wasn't in the war back then. ” France lost because of polítics and bad leadership. In numbers and armament France was superior than germany by 1940.

  • Quote from Tre: “Quote from Danieliyoverde123: “5. sherman firefly ” That was a tank. Not a tank destroyer. ” but their cannon was specifically made to piercing armor, so they basically can be used as a tank destroyer

  • Quote from Maximilian Mofo: “Then its unlikely to happen having the major 6 power with separate doctrine would make it confusing especially to new players ” Veterans say the dame thing about the introducción of doctrines. Quote from vietcong2005: “Pan France ability: Defense Positives: Defense damage +20% Fortifications bonus +10% Negatives: Offensive damage- 15% Commonwealth ability: Balance Positives: None Defensive: None ” commonwealth bonuses maybe should be something related with spionage, …

  • Hello definitly support this. But i think french doctrine should get a diferent name, More general like resistance or something like that. Anyway ive Been here since beggining AND by that Time french, british AND even italian was suggested, hopefully if More Ppl support this could become a reality.

  • there Is a trick using planes, when you can deal full damage AND recibe just 0.1 damage from interceptors.

  • 1Again, the most important factors is: Game balance and diversity 2 even if chinese used allied equipment mostly since 1942 pan-asian doctrine Is the best on a fighting Style perspective, they are the best on terms of guerrilla and use of light units. Now into históric argument China even with their large Manpower most of them we're equiped just with rifles with bayonets and even just a dao sword, Also china had very outdated armament, they just simply lack industrial capability, allied doctrine…