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  • Strategies on day 1

    Moxy - - General Discussions


    Hey guys, I'm rather new to the game, and would like to hear some of your strategies during day 1? What army types do you build/aim for, and what ratio? Do you go full MechINF or do you spam tanks? What buildings do you build and what do you research? I'm looking for ideas Would love to hear some! What i've been doign so far is spamming INF, A-T and building subs. I built alot of barracks and the buildings that increase production (Forgot it's name) Let me know! Kind regards, Moxy

  • Hey guys! I'm rather "new" to the game, and would LOVE to find an alliance where I can play with some new friends! I' have played games like this before, but I'm not the best at strategies (I'm excellent at FPS games though!) I do wish to get better though as I find this game super amazing and entertaining. So I'm looking for an alliance where I can trust my alliance in games, some who's willing to teach me the fundamentals and strategies, and play with me regularely. Helps alot if you have a di…