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  • why is this game so addicting?

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    Heck, I spent 21 hours straight on the arms race last month. I was about to head for bed at one point when I got attacked, so hello adrenaline. Yeah, I was a zombie the next day.

  • Retreat

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    Retreat so you can just prolong your defeat? So an aggressor would have to chase an enemy all over the map? No thanks. Perhaps some poetry to explain: The Charge of the Light Brigade BY ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON "“Forward, the Light Brigade!” Was there a man dismayed? Not though the soldier knew Someone had blundered. Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die."

  • Planes

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    I will add to that: Naval bombers are good for spotting subs, but a destroyer is what you want to kill a sub with.

  • Those can actually both be true at the same time. Construction of the building is in progress, half finished, so lets say 12 hours until it is finished building. But there was a war there. SO even when the building is finished it will then need to be repaired, because it was damaged in the war. In these cases of extreme damage during construction it is advisable to stop construction and see how long and how many resources it will take to start it again so you have all the information you need.

  • game will not login

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    There are not currently any server outages, and I see no problems with that particular game or your account. So I expect you have a browser problem. Clear your browser cache Close your browser restart your browser Then try your game again. If that fails: delete your browser cookies and repeat the above steps, with the addition of restarting your computer possibly. If that does not work perhaps try a different browser. I have the best luck with Chrome for this game, while many people use firefox …

  • You might look at this thread:…98-attack-defense-values/ and see if that answers your questions. If not ask more questions here.

  • Since we can't keep this civil and productive I am closing this thread.

  • Glad that following my instructions to close and reopen the browser fixed it.

  • Quite right Lawrence, thanks for mentioning that.

  • Sure, that is easy: The province wants to be happy. England failed them, so they don't want to go back to that leader, since he could not protect them in the first place Brazil conquered them, and the don't like that so they want to leave. Perhaps a couple closer countries have a low morale, either from too many wars or something. But Yugoslavia has a high national morale average. The people of this province want to be equally happy, and figure if the leader of Yugoslavia can make his own people…

  • Cuba being playable in the 25 player historical is a bug. Didn't you try playing cuba @xXCooksterXx? How did that work for you?

  • I used pictures, so my Complete Guide to Rebellions and Province Morale would only take one cup of coffee.…&postID=140159#post140159

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “Quote from VorlonFCW: “Easiest to think of it like this: They fire together, but some ammunition falls short of the target. ” So... the destoyer captain is thinking.... heck those enemy ships are 40 miles away, but we just MIGHT hit them with our proud 4-inch gun...? ” I think they are concerned that if the war is over and they return to port without firing a shot that the shame will be unbearable. You can't always determine which ship gave the killing blow, so the mea…

  • Gold

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    Some email providers just block mail from call of war. This occurs because at some point previous users have marked messages from COW as spam instead of unsubscribing. There isn't much that can be done, except to try a different email account.

  • Easiest to think of it like this: They fire together, but some ammunition falls short of the target. It is the same with mixed artillery, such as if you have a Railroad gun, a Self propelled artillery with a 70 km range, and a regular artillery with 60 km range. Once one bombardment unit fires all those in the group have a cooldown, even if their rounds didn't reach the target.

  • Hi, this is not right!

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    You complained about this on Sunday and were given an answer. Please do not continue to spam the forum with repeated posts. Based on your posts I believe you have a poor internet connection and your computer is not powerful enough to properly display this game. Perhaps checkers would be more your speed.

  • Game 2243306

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    The odd thing is that Captain Joe was not declared inactive at any point, so the game host/admin title should not have been re-assigned.

  • Current policy is: NO NEW PARATROOPER THREADS. Feel free to add to:…&postID=116367#post116367 or…&postID=124987#post124987 So please keep your comments in those threads, instead of making a new thread every month.

  • 50% of the time something like this is a problem with your browser or your internet connection. One thing to check is your server state. That is a round arrow icon in the bottom right corner.…169be234e81285ad39fa02efd If you hold your mouse over that button: Connected = good connecting = problems disconnected = no orders you give will actually be transmittted to the server. If you have tried reloading the browser tab and that did not fix the issue you will need to:…

  • It can depend though. I expect that the "reputation" you have comes into play here. Many times I get tired of waiting for an AI to trust me after 2 days and just kill them off anyway.