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  • Hi there, it's me, Livonian once again. I'll try to finish this playthrough, lol. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Day I - I'm starting this off by beginning a economic buildup, after all, the US and Soviet Union don't start off too strong, however they have loads of economic potential that can be harnessed without having to attack any nations. I'll likely proceed with economic an…

  • Quote from GeneralASWalter: “When will it be continued. ” When will it be continued. Quote from GeneralASWalter: “ ” Never. This thread is old.

  • Quote from vietcong2005: “Not necessarily. All American countries are good because your not in relative danger compared to many other European or Asian countries. The worst countries are Poland, Manchkuno, Yugoslavia, Xingjiang, and Tibet ” I would like to prove your theory of Yugoslavia being the worst invalid.

  • Here's a old thread of mine - it doesn't go into much intel but it's kinda fun to look at. The replies give some level of context too. Historic World War- A History of Germany by NeoLivonianKnight

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    Quote from Claudio von Panjim: “Quote from BrutusTrump: “Europe always makes fun of America for stuff, kind of understandably. However, they have to remember that without us, they’re another province of Russia. ” Wrong, it's probably the other way around. ” Actually, no it's...not. In any case, both sides make fun of each other, mostly for craps and giggles (what do you expect) And it's both ways. If Europe isn't getting help from America, Europe will likely be a series of Russian provinces, dom…

  • What does this mean?

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  • Quote from ARInnit: “help pls no retire button ” then get to annexing ai bub

  • Day 3 Log (Unfinished): the War against the Caucasus has begun, with Ukrainian troops rapidly seizing the Western parts of the Caucasus, and I've noticed my Medium Tank division having the ability to one-shot the outdated lvl 1 Infantry of the Caucasus. I intend to get this conquest done in less than...twenty-four hours. That may not seem plausible, but at the time of writing this, there's 18hrs and 21mins left. I've also forged a secret alliance with Sweden, so when the time comes and we reveal…

  • Quote from BrutusTrump: “Don’t you need some artillery? ” The artillery will be brought in once I've reached my first goal: Capture Rostov.

  • Pre-Day III Log: So I've begun my offensive on the Caucasus, which involves 1 AA, 4 lvl 2 Infantry, 1 light tank and 1 medium tank in the Northern Task Force, and about 1 AA and 7 Infantry in the Southern Task Force which haven't been made up yet. I've dispatched one of my cruisers to neutralize the Caucasian Air Force in the Area, as i intend to take NO risks if they go AI. My goal was complete as now I now longer have to worry... for now. My goal is to take the cities of Rostov and Krasondar, …

  • The end?

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    Quote from Quasi-duck: “It's a shame tho cos the company is German, u think they would be well whipped into shape by now! ” ...Welp. Even the Germans can handle so much, am I rite' or am I rite'? Heh...I'm not funny...

  • Quote from BrutusTrump: “Don’t ping me every time you make a new log. ” Okay, I won't. Thanks for informing me, would you like to be pinged for...decisive events in the let's play? (Major Wars, Economic and Military Projects, etc)

  • Day II Log (Unfinished): I've begun research on Level 2 Infantry and Medium Tanks, and I've begun construction on a naval fleet, already with 1 Cruiser and I intend on making another to hopefully deal some decisive blows against Turkey when the time comes. I've also attacked Crimea, and I've sent my Cruiser to deal with the garrison in Sevastopol, which is made up of a Armored Car and 2 Infantry. I've begun mass construction on Lvl 2 Industry and am about to initate Operation Kyiv, which comes i…

  • Quote from Claudio von Panjim: “also, are you NewLivionNight? ” Yes. Quote from Claudio von Panjim: “Goodluck with Ukraine, it's in a good position(for winning) but it doesn't increase kdr. ” You sure about that? I can prove you wrong in a instant.

  • Quote from Claudio von Panjim: “things are going so harsh on me, it's like begging for K/D ratio, mine is only 1.59, it'll decrease A LOT ” ok

  • Quote from Sigmaticalium: “Ukraine is a good nation. make some good relations with turkey/romania and you're good ” Does them being provinces of mine count as 'good relations'

  • Legendary. Absolutely legendary.

  • Quote from BrutusTrump: “Nice. ” Oh, good to see you again my friend.

  • Day I: Day One began with me buliding some Barracks and Tank Plants (the latter after I build some Lvl 1 Industry) and also starting research on Cruisers, which won't finish until Day II. In the meanwhile, I'm going to buff up my army and prepare for a future invasion of the Caucasus. In the meanwhile I'm buliding some Motorized Infantry because while they're expensive early game, they do pack a significant punch against Regular Infantry. Day II Log: I've begun research on Level 2 Infantry and M…

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