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  • Free Gold Offers

    VorlonFCW - - Bug Reports and Issues


    There are of course two separate companies here. You took an offer from this other company, and when they reimburse Bytro for the stated value, that gold will be deposited in your account. Bytro can't inquire on your behalf about the status of your offer. So for the best efficiency here you need to report the problem to the site doing the offers. I have these screenshots from Peanut labs surveys, the offers work similarly. Of course there is some fine print at the beginning: They aren't going to…

  • Air Combat Bolshevik

    VorlonFCW - - Questions and Answers


    Quote from pdub7277: “I am leading the winning coalition, I am winning the game, and morale is 91%. ” So you are winning, but upset that you lost a couple of planes? The difference between level 2 and level 3 isn't a lot. Level 4 seems to be the bigger difference. Air combat is messy. sounds like you are doing things correctly, but here is my observation Groups of 5 interceptors are somewhat fragile. For a strong air wing you want 5 interceptors and 5 tactical bombers, rarely less. As with every…

  • Quote from MontanaBB: “Of course there is, if you use the in-house COW message system. Every player, forum member and Bytro administrator has a unique user name that serves as their address for purposes of the in-house messages system. ” Certainly so. But there is not a "" email address or anything like that.

  • Quote from MontanaBB: “if you want a response, I suggest you find the actual COW address of the person to whom you wish to respond. ” There is not a specific email address for individual people, so you could be looking for an infinite amount of time for that. The support department replies all go to , and are directed to the proper person by the ticket number, as I indicated above. Should you delete the ticket number from the subject line of your reply then yes, your re…

  • Hmmm, as far as I know there aren't any black holes that support replies vanish into, and this is the first I have heard of this. Can you be more specific about which messages? Perhaps send me screenshots in private as it would have personal info included? Naturally when a person sends 4 duplicate or nearly duplicate messages they are all grouped under their account history, so when one is replied to the duplicates are closed instead of time spend repeating the same reply. Also different "depart…

  • I see that your email has arrived in the correct place. You were wise to include the ticket number which would look something like [ABC-123456] which gave the proper routing for your reply. it connects your answer to that particular case and the person in the support department who is working it. This makes things more efficient. You also could have just used the reply button in the upper right corner.…a92d9f6468cf7db63d62c3d22 Messages from the support department …

  • Quote from bb344: “Was playing for several months under one login and started having issues with the maps being pixelated and mashed up. Cleared my browsing data but somehow that reverted me to an old user login in the game I didn't even know I had. Can't seem to regain access under my actual login since I used the same email. Help? ” Please meet me in a forum "conversation" that is in the bar at the top of the page.

  • My top 5 least used units

    VorlonFCW - - General Discussions


    Quote from K.Rokossovski: “The point of armored cars is their speed. If you can kill the enemy army with something else (like air), they can take the ground faster than anything else. ” Exactly, Kill the enemy with planes or with artillery, and surge an armored car forward to start setting up another airbase. Repeat.

  • Star Wars 100p RP

    VorlonFCW - - Roleplaying Threads


    only 44 more needed Sadly we might have to make it a 10 player map role play

  • Not really normal, but I have seen that glitch before where two people were listed as host. I blame the lazy newspaper reporters for not fact-checking their source before making a report and then once gossip starts you can't control where it ends up.

  • I have found that the espionage menu of mobile mode is quite good. In games with a lot of intel I have taken to switching my pc into mobile mode just for the intel review at day change, and then switching back. Mobile mode also lists where each of your spies are, and it is simpler to see when you have spies in territory that allies have conquered. You might try it Montana. With the new buttons in game you can switch back and forth from the menu in the lower right corner. I have found that when a…

  • I use tank destroyers sometimes. It does depend on my enemy and what they build. I use a lot of artillery and tank destroyers are good to bulk up an artillery group. Especially good if the enemy tries to rush my artillery groups with tanks. Tank destroyers take oil instead of food like an anti tank, so their use depends on the oil and food balance of the country. That combination was a key to victory on the arms race map, with everyone starting with so many tanks the artillery and tank destroyer…

  • A large part of the game is PLANNING AHEAD So you should plan for how many units your economy can support. The game is not about battles, but about conquering the world. In order to conquer the world you have to plan to feed the world, feed your armies, supply armies with oil, and have resources to replace armies lost. Being able to "undo" an oops is not somethign that Call of War is known for. You can't retreat from a battle once committed, and you can't dismantle that battleship that you built…

  • Moderator

    VorlonFCW - - General Discussions


    If you have been locked out of your account your best option is to reply to the messages you recieved. These would be both in your PM inbox and a copy sent to your email.…a92d9f6468cf7db63d62c3d22 If you can't get to your message inbox and you do not have an email to reply to you can post on this thread:…&postID=125254#post125254

  • Messaging mechanics

    VorlonFCW - - Suggestions / Criticism


    For things like newspaper posts where I want to spell province names correctly, or times when I have a longer message to compose I keep a simple notepad txt file open that I can resize, move, or minimize on top of the map to hammer out my thoughts, and then copy/paste.

  • Ifanwhen - Introduction

    VorlonFCW - - Support Team


    Welcome to the Dark Side. Glad to have you aboard, since I learned a fair bit from you that I have shared with others now you can share your knowledge directly. *reads further Quote from Ifanwhen: “I finally hit rock bottom when I joined the Bacon Lovers United alliance. ” Hmmm, Rock bottom eh? Perhaps you should sleep with one eye open on this next game. Quote from Ifanwhen: “There isn't even any Bacon. ” It's BYOB, didn't you get that part of the invitation? Bring Your Own Bacon, naturally.

  • Try clearing your cookies, and cache again. That should get you out of mobile mode without having to get into the game to switch. If that doesn't work please submit a bug report from the link in my signature and we will have a closer look. Include the game number in the bug report.

  • Profiling

    VorlonFCW - - News


    Diabolical, while freezy is a game designer he is certainly not the only one. I doubt if all the other game designers, developers, programmers, and whatnot that work at Bytro's office in Germany have an interest in conversing with the users of the English forum. They do of course have actual work to do, so assignments are delegated, like any business would do.

  • Speed Round Event

    VorlonFCW - - News


    Games that are "starts when full" can take time between filling and starting. If it is full for over 4 hours and has not started please send in a bug report from within the game using the menu in the lower right corner

  • Conflict of Nations is a sister game using the same game engine. Your same name and login info works there. CON is a more modern setting, justa what you are looking for.