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  • Strange explosions

    David Soutter - - Questions and Answers


    I cannot fathom on a world at war map the sudden appearance of explosions relating every 10 seconds on all the land of an adversary and in a a small hand full of border provinces two unconnected with the enemy territory HELP

  • Upcoming Coalition Changes

    David Soutter - - News


    not the best place to ask this but in a coalition is there any advantage winning by coalition or on your own ?? Also the commuter in the game I am in keeps taking provinces off me and giving them to other players when moral is low but immediately it changes sides the moral soars. ALSO The game is allowing a player down to last two provinces with no buildings to acquire units out of thin air. This seems against the ethos of the game and also its caused the game to drag on interminably its boring …

  • Earning Gold

    David Soutter - - Suggestions / Criticism


    I joined the company that allows you complete surveys and have spent hours completing surveys only to be told the survey has been closed. All they are doing is harvesting information and then closing the door without paying. I feel this is wrong and I wish to know has anyone else found this out. I also joined and agreed to pay Ladbrooks on a promise of a huge amount of gold nothing forthcoming. This smacks of bad faith