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  • Naval Fortress/Guns

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    I know I have seen this recommendation before. But I would like to give some more reasons to why this would be a great addition to the game. So basically, this is how I think it would work. The naval gun would have the range of maybe an artillery lvl 1 or 2 and would hit any enemy ships and possibly any ships with the fire control button. The naval gun would be stationary (obviously) and do decent damage to ships but not very much to anything on land. Also the guns should have decent AA as well.…

  • I know there is already a thread talking about the weird patrolling mechanics right now but I would like to know how to kill 10 stacks (5 fighters and 5 bombers) efficiently. To put this into context. I am in a 100 player game as greece and there is someone who decides to use 8 of these stacks to patrol over one area. 5 anti air is obviously not enough. My fighters get shredded and I am running out of resources and industrial complexes. For anyone wondering, he is the biggest person in the game …

  • A Funny screenshot.

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    When you join a game 356 days in... (they're all elite too lol) 950e834c-5ac4-4597-9f5d-3c403dd189cc

  • What does this button do?

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    I'm pretty sure the foot is to kick the member out and the other button with the star is to make the member the leader.

  • france in 25 player map

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    That 25 player map is probably my favourite map to play. But the map really has weird uprising events. Turkey always gets Madagascar and getting the rest of Russia's territory after capturing the main cities in the west always leads to Brazil getting a piece of Russia.

  • Quote from MontanaBB: “All aircraft squadrons are reduced to 5 hit points each when they are refueling (from 20 to 30 hit points otherwise), ” I was about to ask a question similar to this as I realized my bombers get wrecked when refueling. Do the planes stay as airplane class or armoured class? I want to know if i should attack them with fighters or with bombers.

  • Actually I have some experience with missiles. As Uk in the 25 historic map I sneak attacked Japan by using the ocean above Russia then swooped down and took all of japan where there was a bunch of rockets and nuclear plants. But I don't think that counts.

  • Quote from MontanaBB: “Also, with the recent range buffs, the L6 strat has a range of something like a 1,000 km, which means they make a superb long-range reconnaissance plane, and they can now out-range L4 rockets and nuclear missiles -- which can be an advantage. ” That's actually pretty interesting. I have only been attacked with rockets once and there wasn't really anything there so I haven't really felt its effects. The games I join are usually over before the rocket-everywhere part of the …

  • Origins

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    I have been playing this game for a while and have always wondered where we all found this game in the first place? Reddit? Facebook? I think it's a pretty interesting piece of info to say as it can 1) allow Bytro to see where their users are coming from and, 2) if a bunch of players are from one place (i.e. reddit) then there could possibly be a page on that site dedicated to this game which might make this game grow even more. I myself am from Facebook. I saw an ad that made this game look lik…

  • Quote from MontanaBB: “putting two or three 5-squadron fighter wings over your ground units when that 25-squadron TB wing attacks your ground-pounders. Your fighters will be at maximum SBDE efficiency, and the attacking TBs will not. Moreover, in air-to-air combat, defending fighters are approximately 5x stronger than attacking TBs ” Seems like a plan. Most of my games are either in early game (not that many planes) or I am fighting no-brain artillery-mains so I don't really have that many peopl…

  • Quote from MontanaBB: “My favorite tactic is to fly my Big Wing of 20+ TB squadrons to their target on patrol, and then peel them off 5 at a time for direct attacks. Can be devastating against armor units, which typically have lousy AA values. It's almost a free hit when armor moves alone without AA or other units. ” That's actually a good idea. May use that in the future. But as of now I am trying to use "useless" units like the armoured car and the strategic bomber to find uses for them. So fa…

  • Yep that's why I use only 5 bombers or fighters at a time. I was talking about those players with 24 tac bombers in one stack that always happens in these games. I am always frustrated that SBDE isn't able to nerf the tac bombers enough to stop them from obliterating something in the first attack.

  • Tanks suffered average losses. Maybe 15% or something along those lines. It seems that it could be the fact that the ticker could have not gone off. Maybe I attacked before the first 15 minutes ended? But it seems you have answered why my patrols aren't working. It seems like I have been using fighter patrols wrong.I thought that all the bombers have to do is pass the circle to receive damage but apparently not. Thx for the quick replies btw. I am ready to kick all those 22 stack tac bombers wit…

  • Yes the enemy fighters were using the patrol function and yes the tanks were underneath them. The enemy fighters were lvl 3 I'm pretty sure, and my bombers were lvl 3 swell. I used direct attack against the tanks with 3 bombers against 5 fighters that were patrolling them. I had no escort whatsoever.

  • So I have say, 5 bombers stationed and ready to fight when I see some light tanks on their way to one of my provinces and a patrol of fighters guarding them. So naturally I send my bombers straight into the fray and bomb the crap out of those light tanks and my tac take almost no damage. There was another instance where I was at peace with this one person (player a) but I was using an airbase owned by someone who was at war with player a. Player a had a patrol of fighters right above the airbase…

  • I have been playing this game since June and have been loving it so far. I have just won my first game because of tactical bombers and I think I am pretty good at using them. BUT there is has always been something that confused me, patrolling. I have tried to use patrols of fighters to prevent tacs from obliterating every ground unit underneath. But usually, the patrol does not even touch the enemy tac bombers and my ground troops suffer as a result. It has gotten to the point where I myself sen…