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  • Release Notes - 2023-03-21

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    Quote from jubjub bird: “It's the booster cards AFAIK. Instead of getting gold for watching ads you get a card that's like "-1 hour of production time" or "+500 rare materials" or something like that ” I have some questions. Why have they decided to do this? What was wrong with Gold, that they decided to change? Were people abusing it or something? And in what way is this better?

  • Quote from Brando Dilla: “I believe they should have at least one game mode spawn regular speed maps, so as to stop the "wHeReS mY 4X" obnoxious barking. ” Fair enough.

  • Quote from Chris Mapper: “On hww maps I always have the tendency to spam militias when i play china. You can build up a quick defense with them against japan i guess, but I also use them as meat shields if combined with artillery. ” Do you deploy artillery behind? Also, I like to use non-stealth weak units to lure him onto the roof, with militia hiding on side roads then recapturing provinces, to wreak havoc or cut him off.

  • I think normalising 2x speed, or speed matches in general, might reduce the popularity of other maps and affecting the community not for the better. But the Bytro have a reason what they're doing.

  • Quote from Fox-Company: “Hopefully fixing the trading system comes first. ” Hopefully making ship names visible comes after that. Sorry for hijacking the thread Brando Dilla.

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    I'm interested.

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “Noo Crayfish! Use country colors! Noo!!! ” I use it to play, if a lot of allies/enemies to pay attention to. To sit back and watch the map, I prefer the relations map. Think of it like edit/view renders in CAD.

  • Here is the aftermath:

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “Alright look, if I had not played a game with fox I may actually agree that light tank spam sucks. And while I still think it can be countered by an active player with planes and MTs, I didn’t see that this game. We had faced multiple enemies with all sorts of strategy’s, yet none of them even managed to slow us down. Thanks in part to the power of light tank spam, especially while working with Allies you can even win a WaW. If that’s not proof then I don’t know what…

  • Quote from Femto02: “ First game I attacked Tibet. It was a pain. The mountainous terrain makes it harder to move units and Tibet's AI seems to be fairly good at defensive production. But the country is also very tempting to conquer due to its closely located Urban cities. All in all an extremely infuriating experience. ” Tibet is OP if used right. I built lots of paratroopers and commandoes, artillery, and lvl.4 armoured cars, then took all of India and China within 30 hours. Artillery and comm…

  • Quote from Brando Dilla: “Strategic bombers are a waste. Instead of destroying enemy buildings, you can use them to your own benefit. ” Only in a short war. It's quite common to use heavy bombers to bomb airstrips, fortifications, infastructure, and ports (this can be done with tacs), and they can remotely destroy enemy industry unreachable for days, crippling the war effort. Strategic bombing can't win a war alone but it can be a valuable tool.

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “I think the conclusion here is that militia can be very versatile and powerful, but don’t function well in certain situations. While they are not an end all be all, if used correctly, they can be an absolute nightmare. But in the end they are very versatile, cheap and annoying unit to face, one without many counters if used correctly. ” If think that there are no bad units at all. There are merely unfavourable situations. I do not use all units, but that is because I…

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “What exactly do you mean by that? It was overrun by the Japanese in the first two or three months after Pearl Harbor, during their great push South... didn't put up much of a fight except for one lost cruiser battle. How do you think it was significant? ” Resources made it significant. Prior to war, the Netherlands placed an embargo in oil and other strategic materials on Japan along with the British Empire and USA in the ABCD Line. Being the objective of the Japanese …

  • I would like to bring to the attention of the Bytro staff and developers a historical inaccuracy in the 1939: Historic World War map. On the map, Haifa is in French Syria. In fact in 1939 it was part of the British Empire as territory of Mandatory Palestine. It may be trying to represent part of French Lebanon (given the famed cedars and the forest terrain) but if so it is too far south. Quick look on the web will easily confirm this, for example: Mandatory_Palestine…

  • Quote from Brando Dilla: “I'm confused about why so many players here like militia. I get that they are stealth on most provinces, but they just don't seem to be worth it for me. Some down sides of Militia: - They need to be at least level 3/4 to even be helpful - One of the slowest units in the game - Vulnerable on plains (the most common province type) - Little to no defense against heavy armour and air - Everything they can do, infantry can do better The last bullet on this list is probably w…

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “Turkey and Netherlands need to be added. I especially like Turkey as you can stay neutral and suddenly attack with a strong force while everyone is busy. edit:just read that said less than 70… ” I feel the Netherlands bridges the gap between big and small. It is 100 VP's which I'd put as the cutoff point. By WWII it was a fading empire, but still produced a lot of oil and importantly almost as much India rubber as Malaya (in-game, it's mostly oil). During the war, es…

  • Sorry for late response but it appears as of game started on 6th February 2023 that Dili is currently occupied by Portugal rather than the Netherlands, so I think they've updated it.

  • Quote from Tolol_aja: “there's a curse in plane gameplay called "plane attrition" which is plane will damaged overtime in long run campaign unlike artilery that can absolutely shot any troops without getting damage in return (except for getting shot back by battleship or RRG)slow regular artilery is even slower in allies so the SP artilery is best option for sure ” I like Self-Propelled gun Artillery in allied, in Pan-Asian I use regular gun artillery. It has buffs, uses no oil, and is fast enou…

  • Marines

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    Quote from rdy2rocknroll: “I'v seen a few suggestions for new troop types and would like to put this out there for discussion, Marines the main attribute they would have is a shorter offboard time and more defensive and offensive strengths when landing on an enemy shore. What do you think? ” I think the main disadvantage is that is may not fit in with Call of War, it is used in Conflict of Nations but that means nothing I have specific types and combinations of units I prefer for initial shore a…

  • Quote from TheZhukov: “Crayfish can i have a copy of that pdf or is it confidential ” As I am unlikely to ever run into a game with you, it is not. I must warn you though, it is based entirely on my fighting style and may not suit yours. It is optimised for pan-asian but may work for others.