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  • I am very interested in this i do very much hope you can continue it to a successful conclusion

  • Quote from Fox-Company: “plus youve never played the side of the LT so you legit cannot say its bad ” Majority of people haven't taken Poison but they still know Poison is bad for you. i have to disagree with this particular argument

  • I know its sad but I am

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    Quote from z00mz00m: “Basically, are you a weed kind of guy, or a coke kind of guy. ” I'm British so i prefer Opium

  • I know its sad but I am

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    In my opinion the issue is more to do with people not having time. this game is alot of effort and it's time consuming especially when you are in a war against an active player.this is why it most likely always be an extremely niche game basically why would the average person stay active and play the game fully when they get more dopamine from playing games such as Call of Duty Or other more exciting and short term games.and on other note in the Thread *Deader than ever* some player were alludin…

  • It depends on what type of players you are facing are these competent good players? any strategy can be used and won against weak players even militia spam. so in the matches which you've used these tactics and won what type of players were they? do the meet the criteria for Good players? 1) are they experienced and high level? 2) did they have high K/D? 3) what's does their win rate look like? 4) what's does their territory won/lost look like? (5 this is not a must but it's bonus) what type of …

  • Alliance games are usually won by the team that basically sleeps less and is more active. AKA NO LIFE 101

  • Quote from freezy: “And in a week we can all be happy together again ” Probably, but please change the colors on the player stats. the fact that someone in the colors department went 'AH YES RED AND GREEN EVERYWHERE GO TOGETHER VERY NICELY' No offense but that is blasphemy if i have ever seen one

  • Quote from Ilyrian Order: “I didn't ask for any of you're suggestions. Neither you're cliche quotes. ” You ain't getting nobody to support your crusade if you are acting like that

  • These Resistance movement never seem to pick up pace you know? They are strong during initial weeks and months but just die down This is what happened to 1.0 and the graphics change a year or two ago. strong resistance and just a sudden fall

  • Allies or Commie i like the early tactical And the early Rocket artillery

  • Supply Lines

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    Quote from vietcong2005: “There's a good reason why games like Hoi4 or any grand stratergy game is better than Cow. ” You also fail to mention that HOI4 is a paid game is supported by a ton of software engineers and is a vastly richer company in paradox. On the other hand Call of war is a free browser/mobile game that relies on income from Ad and gold and while HOI4 has unit animations Call of war has some static unit pictures fighting. plus @freezy has said and time and time again that call of …

  • Call of War 2.0 Preview

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    Quote from Destructo the Great: “can you add new units in Call of war 2.0? Examples like assault ships move really fast, can carry troops and short embarking time? Or you could upgrade convoy trucks so they have more health? ” So essentially upgraded convoy but With less embarking time? Nah

  • Well said the best stack is the stack which best suits your situation

  • Every unit does have usefulness but not every unit is created equally some units will be more useful than others in the majority of scenarios For example take Artillery And militia Artillery will majority of scenarios be Faar better than militia

  • It's a bit ironic that those "ungrateful colonials" have become arguably the most powerful country in human history

  • Quote from Lord Crayfish: “That and as far as I'm concerned Admiral Togo is a role model for anything naval . Battleships and high-level cruisers, way to go. ” Nah Nah my BOY Horatio Nelson is the true naval Role mode, even died in battle as well surely can't get more cooler than that.

  • Quote from Lord Crayfish: “I am a firm believer in the Kantai Kessen doctrine, and battleships are the centre of my navies. Carriers are useful for amphibious assaults or for attacking other fleets without cruisers. Battleships are in my opinion better for fleet action. ” Has this actually worked for you? if so could you give me an example or a particular battle or war i am just curious.

  • I mean atleast you learnt a valuable lesson on a sidenote why were you even building a navy or were investing so heavily into it? cuba seems to be an ally or has gone inactive by the looks of it.

  • Quote from Nadda: “Anti tank is alright especially if you got the commie buff, but it slows early offensive abilities a little too much for me at least on 100 players all in. ” Tell me about it they are soooo slow but as a methodical player they are probably in my opinion the best option to countering light tanks(early game) The issue with light tanks is they cost OMR I would much put my OMR into navy or airforce most importantly industry. comintern probably doesn't deal with issue as heavily as…

  • Quote from z00mz00m: “Because I'm trying to meet the game developer in the middle? ” There is no meeting in the middle when it comes to money bytro won't change the system. let's hope for a revolution