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  • Anti-Mod's

    Lord Crayfish - - General Discussions


    Quote from Carking the 6th: “I’ve seen them with my own eyes. I don’t know what’s up with them but they are making many accounts called “anti moderator trooper” so they are definitely trolling. I’m not sure if it’s some organization of trolls trying to collect enough members to send a horde and spam the hell out of the chats one day but yeah. ” Why don't they get immediately banned with a username like that?

  • Quote from Claudio NVKP: “Well, thats also a bad idea ” Yes indeed. There's a reason why it's never been entertained.

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “No. I don't want to conquer a city called "SuckMyBalls". I also don't want to conquer Moscow which is located in the exact spot where New York usually is. ” Absolutely, which is why I dislike this idea. But the text did stipulate that they could only be historic, relevant names, presumably selected by a list.

  • Quote from Brando Dilla: “If China conquers Canton, they should be able to rename it to Guangzhou. ” Just to nit-pick, this is purely due to transliteration. Canton is a pronounciation of 廣東 or Kwantung/Guandong, predating Wade-Giles. Guangzhou is a modification of Pinyin Guǎngzhōu. Quick web search shows Pinyin wasn't even invented until the 1950s. If China captured Canton, assuming this mechanic were effected, it should be renamed Kwangchow. Most Chinese place names in Call of War are Wade-Gil…

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “That would be a good idea. Maybe also add a healing unit like a medical or supply truck? ” I would say not because the "pieces" in the game represent an entire unit with (in infantry's case), thousands of men (the units in COW seem more to be a battalion, assuming 1 manpower = 1 soldier), in three battalions, plus machine guns, regimental artillery, &c; as well as horses, lorries, &c. for logistics, probably travelling armouries, medics, kitchens, etc. too. The whole…

  • This has been brought up many times before, along with changing country names, and the answer has usually concluded with no. There are reasons. Historically, makes sense to rename them (egregiously, Stalingrad if captured by Germany), but from a gameplay point of view, has limited rewards considering that this is a game, not a simulation. From a mechanical point of view, it may cause bugs. The Search function can already have problems, and it may require a major rework of coding to prevent bugs …

  • Apart from a) chivalry and b) the 25% non-core resource production, why don't they just invade him

  • Still light armour. Just invisible on tech tree, just upgrade possibility happens at same time as convoys are researched.

  • Or, unlocks simultaneously with transport ships?

  • Quote from Goose 72: “So I am playing the historical World War 1939 Game as the Brits, and for some reason I get units that are created in my territory both on UK soil as well as it colonies. Is there a schedule are way that I can sustain or increase that? I can't find any reference how they are generated. ” I find it difficult to know what you mean, but in real life, most of the British Army at any one time was deployed to the colonies. Units are placed where they begin in the real 1939. For ex…

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “the decent ideas. ” Although I'd count this as minor changes like the Portugal/Dili thing, not major changes that radially alter the gameplay.

  • Liechtenstein

    Lord Crayfish - - Suggestions / Criticism


    There's a lot to unpack here all in jest of course. Quote from Carking the 6th: “Allow Japan to kamakazi units! ” The flying bomb already is (read the wikipedia page on the Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka). Attack ships with waves of interceptors otherwise. Quote from Carking the 6th: “Give Spain damaged buildings to represent the Spanish civil wars! ” This unironically seems reasonable, and I think I've seen threads suggesting historic relations (Japan at war with China, trade embargo by USA, UK-French sha…

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “I personally see nothing wrong with it. As a history buff, one reason I joined this game was for a way to play countries historically and change history. It’s why historically accurate maps are my favorite. These suggestions don’t hurt anyone as they can just be ignored. I like to use them as a platform to nerd out and debate history, and see how the game can be made funner. Even if Bytro ignores them at least they provide an aspect of fun, no? ” That's true, and I t…

  • But that would make them less powerful in terms of land than the British, which Bytro has presumably tried to negate to nerf Britain. In any case, in 1939 Japan was neither as powerful economically nor as industrialised as the USA; making it fair would be inaccurate . Albeit not production centres, these these were important military bases, Guam in particular. American Samoa had a permanent population, unlike Wake Island obviously, being a godforsaken rock. If anything Papeete should be a city. …

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “On top of that, maybe a permanent Clash of Nations 2x, for, like other players said, a less chaotic but still quicker game? I always find World at War as it is very crazy, 4x is crazy for me, though a good addition. I just think that it would be a more balanced but quicker thing to add down the pipeline. ” This is real, playing a World at War coalition vs coalition with high-level stacks is intense. I don't think I could handle a 2x myself.

  • Personally I've always disliked Sinkiangese independence in the game for a number of reasons, but it is sort of justified and at least it works for the game.

  • Liechtenstein

    Lord Crayfish - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Please stop suggesting amendments to the HWW map.

  • As somebody who's done this myself. Recently the fad on the forums of pointing out historical inaccuracies on the Historic World War map, and proposing changes up to and including balkanising China. It is true that some aspects are inaccurate but none are egregious. Just because they recently edited Dili doesn't meant Goa, Haifa, Andora, independent Philippines, Warlord cliques, etc. will be added. Many of them have no real purpose. I have no right to tell people not to. But I just think it's po…

  • Because that certainly wouldn't be abused, would it?