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  • Release Notes - 2023-05-30

    jubjub bird - - News


    Quote from Fox-Company: “Try winning a WaW with only Cruisers, Subs, and Destroyers as your navy, tell me how that goes, play a Coastal/Navy oriented country, if you insist that Cruisers are better then surely this is no problem, i would honestly and non-sarcastically would like you to show me how you would do it. ” It's a topic for another thread, but navies are absolutely not required to win a WAW and can often be a waste of resources. Using battleships almost always requires keeping destroyer…

  • Release Notes - 2023-05-30

    jubjub bird - - News


    Would it be possible to get the actual numbers for some of these changes? The detailed release notes don't say how much infantry costs have been decreased, etc

  • Welp this analysis might already be useless after today's balancing changes haha

  • Release Notes - 2023-05-30

    jubjub bird - - News


    Rrg buff, interesting choice...

  • My Game as Colombia!

    jubjub bird - - General Discussions


    Nice. The fact that usa is still clearing out Canada is a good sign for you

  • Militia fill that role better imo

  • Yea it'd be interesting to look at this across all stacks, not just per stack, and add in a calculation of manpower and resources saved by upgrading starting infantry rather than producing all from scratch. This benefit will dilute as we make more and more stacks but we could probably make some assumptions and figure it out.

  • It's an interesting question, tough to answer. My guess is that Urban is the most common terrain for melee battles and so it might be worth strengthening our stack in Urban terrain. More generally, it seems like faster stacks or doctrines can choose their battle location better than slow stacks or doctrines, so faster stacks may be able to go all-out on particular terrains while slow stacks may want to smooth over weaknesses and be more balanced across all terrains. Running the numbers with some…

  • Black Power: a playthrough

    jubjub bird - - Off Topic


    Day 13, very impressive, especially given the low density of cities in Africa. Nice game

  • Towards the end of the HT spam thread there was a discussion on which unit would best complement a heavy tank. I put some thoughts down early in that thread, when I was determining my stack composition strategy, and wanted to revisit and run some numbers. In these situations, I've assumed no doctrine, no terrain boosts, and the following levels: - Heavy Tank L2, avail. day 10 - Infantry L4, day 8 - Anti Air L4, day 10 - Mot Inf L3, day 8 - Mech Inf L2, day 8 so that all are available at comparab…

  • Right ^ The issue here was that your opponent's stack was still in their territory, so they healed too.

  • Most folks are aware of the relationship between morale and construction/production times: above 80% morale, construction and production times are normal. Once morale dips below 80% construction/production times start to increase, accelerating as morale approaches zero. I also assume that most folks are aware of some of the key / most common morale adjustments: - 70% morale (starting morale) slows C/P by 13% (or expressed as a time multiplier, 1.13) - 50% morale (nice round number) slows C/P by …

  • Quote from Brando Dilla: “(Hidden Content) ” Yea this is a handy trick. It works for any combat within 5km, so you can also do it when you're near enemy units to initiate melee combat. A good way to judge distance (to know whether you're within the 5km limit) is to use the movement arrow. 5km is about the length of the center of the movement arrow when all the way zoomed in.

  • As far as I know, being on the receiving end of a ranged attack is not enough to trigger combat. It's gotta be something the stack (or owner of the stack) does, like hit a border, turn forced March on or off, change diplomatic relation, etc

  • Interesting. I'm not aware of health not regenerating during melee combat. I am fairly certain I usually see melee combat units regenerating because I know I plan for it when attacking near day change. I could easily be wrong here--a quick search of the wiki didn't give me any answers, but I could have missed something. As for both healing, it looks like you're both in your own territory. What likely happened here is that your units were less than 5km from the border and your enemies were approa…

  • Ai's capitols

    jubjub bird - - Suggestions / Criticism


    They do, very rarely It's rare enough that I recall specific instances and usually screenshot them. Here are two rebuilt AI capitals, Sweden and Soviet Union. It took days before they were rebuilt.

  • Pretty much. Order to max out RCs is usually Core city -> core no res rural -> core res rural -> non-core city

  • Quote from Fox-Company: “Quote from Claudio NVKP: “Quote from Fox-Company: “If you keep spamming likes to people they will start removing points lol ” Who is 'they'? ” Mods, mass spamming likes is not allowed, i've seen it happen a few times. ” The exchange is still there, clear as day.

  • Quote from Fox-Company: “Quote from Claudio NVKP: “Quote from Fox-Company: “Did i say they were removed? No, i said he got in trouble for it. ” Well, you did state in a post that, they'll start removing it, they being the Moderator. Donk 2.0 didn't get any trouble. Leaving this aside, who cares? There are no moderator after all. The points have no significance in (most of) our lives... ” Then why did you argue with me, if you don't care there was no need to start arguing against me. ” Are you ac…

  • Why do points matter