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  • Nuclear Bombers

    Peachez - - Questions and Answers


    I would also like to add to this by saying the game gives you zero information about the nuke bombers amor/ defense. Example: 50 stack of random units in a city. Click on the stack and it tells you the combat statistics verse air units. Why doesn’t the nuke bomber show you how much it c withstand? you literally have to stack 5 nuke bombers for every stack over 10 units. Also as mentioned, who wants to wait for a slow driving truck to deliver a short range nuke missile so close to the front? The …

  • H

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  • God I hope the developers fix this! It’s ridiculous how you try and build an army but the entire world declared war on you! and on top on that you get penalized with popularity for defending yourself. Also it’s a flat out joke when a country like Latvia would commit suicide and attack the Soviet Union all because the Soviet Union is unpopular… wake up guys and get this game going in the right direction. Shit is getting repetitively boring fighting AI countries east to west and wasting resources …

  • Would it be possible to add a filter in the province tab to sort province by country. example: your Australia and you conquered most of the the pacific, it would be convenient to be able to filter the provinces based on your newly conquered/ under devolved provinces. Also adding a continent filter for the lager maps would be helpful as well. Not sure if these options are already available or not but I play mobile version mostly and haven’t found a way yet so figured I’d mention it.

  • The paratroopers are a great addition in my opinion. I love using them when island hopping especially. But please take a hour or two off the 5+ hr wait time for them to fully deploy. I personally would like it to be down to 2 hrs. It didn’t take the allied paratroopers of WW2 5/6 hours to get there gear together and press on to the objective as fast as possible, right? For a side note, I could see deployment being prolonged if Your paratroopers are landing onto hostile forces.

  • Oh ok, thank you! There should be more but at least there is a way to tell. Thank you for your time and happy gaming!

  • Why is it, when the fog of war is shadowing let’s say, a battleship, and you have let’s say ,a submarine, with in the battle ships striking distance, does your unit (being fired upon by battleship) not give you any information about being attacked? In short, your unit being hit by artillery or battleships or whatever should be able to say, “hey I’m under attack. I don’t know from where but hey I’m being slowly destroyed.” Not just sit there and slowly die without any information.

  • On top of the expansion penalty, negative penalty points for my neighbors, distance from capital, and now even more negative penalty points because of hostile rural areas because I was told to abandon them and focus more on holding the urban areas. I literally spent days conquering South America in my game, only for it to revolt completely back to its original country. I’m only 100 to 150 points away from finishing the match but for the past seven days I’ve been creating units to put into rebell…

  • I’m waiting days just to build PO’s and I’m not able to move any of my units or the province will rebel and cause enemy units to appear. It’s one thing, if the province rebels, and goes to your ally or a friendly/ neutral nation but the fact that they have to rebel and go back to the country you were at war with even though their capitals been conquered is ridiculous.

  • Please update your manual to include a chapter on penalties. This chapter should include information on penalties such as the expansion penalty, neighbors penalty, etc. and should provide detailed information on why they are occurring, when they stop occurring, the metrics, and what you can do to stop/ reverse the effects of this penalty plaguing your gaming experience. I understand the point of the expansion penalty. But recently every map I play, all the AI declare war on me and when I defend …

  • At the moment most of the provinces have -91 moral due to neighbors, distance to capital, and expansion. All because France and England declared war on me. There should NOT be penalties against the gamer for AI countries declaring war on you.

  • Quote from S Schmidt: “From what I am now gathering is you are blaming the expansion penalty for newly conquered provinces rebelling and either returning or joining another nation. Well the simple solution is to capture a Capital in order to RAISE your morale above 25, if not you need to have a plan in place to deal with any consequences, such as having multiple ACs in position to strike and reclaim those provinces at once. I have played over 6 years and I recall when the chance of low morale re…

  • So everyone knows there is a handful of things you can, and cannot do to keep your world popularity from tanking and having every AI player declare war on you and cut you off from the international markets. But what effects does espionage have on your popularity? 1- if you put a spy on military/economic, sabotage mission in a AI country, does this lower your popularity with that country? 1.1 - What if the country doesn’t know where the spy came from? 1.2- if you put a spy on military/economic sa…

  • So manpower and morale are two of the same thing in this game. When you promote your units it cost a good chunk of different resources, including manpower. When you promote a unit with low moral and spend manpower to upgrade them, why doesn’t the “promotion” heal them to full strength? Your spending resources and manpower, why should the newly promoted/ upgraded unit stay with low morale?

  • I totally understand the end of day Rejuvenation. But what I do not understand is why specific provinces tell you your units are being rejuvenated more than other provinces? As I mentioned the game is showing me some of my units are healing at a higher percentage far away from my capital, and only maybe 12 hours away from the front line. What is raising and lowering this percentage? Do Fortification/bunkers and propaganda centers affect this? Or do those buildings only affect the province and no…

  • Every province that I have armies stationed, whether air or land units, all have different daily hit point regeneration amounts. My units on my core provinces near my capital Rabat, Morocco only have a 0.453% Daily hit point regeneration vs. My air and land units in Adana, Turkey have a 5.153% daily hit point regeneration. From everything I read your rejuvenation percentages should be higher the closer you are to your capital, but this is not the case in my games. What factors into the different…

  • Market fee question

    Peachez - - Questions and Answers


    What would make it worse? Would lowering the price of the market fee crash the entire sever or something?

  • Couldn’t agree more. The trade fee is ridiculous. You should at least be refunded the fee if you take your resources off the market.

  • Market fee question

    Peachez - - Questions and Answers


    When you place an order obviously you have to pay a fee nowadays to put your resources on the open market. My question is, how come the fee isn’t returned if you take your goods off the market? On multiple occasions I have spent tens of thousands of dollars putting thousands of resources on the market at the lowest price only to have AI come in 5 mins later with 100 resources at a 0.1 price difference and basically pushes my deal up the list.

  • How to deal with AI?

    Peachez - - Questions and Answers


    Once you have conquered half the map, you can expect to have all the AI countries to have a trade embargo or flat out gang up and declare war on you one after another. Question 1: Are certain AI countries more aggressive towards you? (Based off of doctrines) Or are they all mad at you towards the end because you have conquered most the world? Question 2: Does the AI use espionage, rockets, and/ or nukes? Thank you guys for your feedback in advance.