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  • Quote from freezy: “*yawn* this together did the trick. I don't think that we will change unit roles completely (e.g. making subs super expensive and super strong) or introduce harder to use controls (e.g. subs not merging with other ships, users would still try to move them together, just that it becomes annoyingly cumbersome). But we could tweak values a bit, e.g. make destroyers stronger vs subs. I will bring it up in the team at least. Btw there is one more use of Destroyers in the game that…

  • If very grindy. The AI doesn't give up and the players can't lose cores. They just turn AI and then all haunt you forever.

  • How do we summon Freezy?

  • IOTW = in other words I think most ships would avoid subs, if they knew where they were. They would go around. Like if you are commanding a tank regiment and there's a forest full of AT guns in front of you, what do you do? Go around, and call on some other units to take care of the AT guns. Or if there's a big detachment of AA guns in a city, what does the air force do? Stay away, find another target. To get rid of the subs, you either need to work on them with naval bombers (assuming they are …

  • The counter would be that subs are difficult to position. Once they are in place, the enemy has to make an effort to find them and either (1) sink them, or (2) chase them away. Imagine if the Germans had wolf packs of subs roaming the Normandy coast and the Allies made no effort to find them. What would happen? The subs would sink every bleeping ship in the invasion force! What they need to do is make subs more effective, when not countered properly, and make rockets less effective overall. Subs…

  • To really make subs work, they should only be detectable from a very short range, maybe the size of a view circle of a rocket flying toward its target? And subs should be very slow. That would make them good ambush units that take skill to use AND to counter.

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “I agree with almost everything said here. Only thing is that battleships and cruisers still could fight subs and did sink some (even some convoys managed) so it wouldn’t do them justice to make them completely useless against subs. Naval Bombers being able to spot submerged subs is a strange idea looking from IRL, but it’s understandable considering that game. ” It makes sense once you consider that WW2 subs spent most of their time on the surface, or just below the …

  • Quote from _Pyth0n_: “Do you mean then must remain individual units, like they can't stack at all, or they just can't stack with any other type of ship? ” I mean they should not be stackable with other warships. Similarly, strategic bombers should behave like nuclear bombers. Neither should stack with short-range, low-altitude planes. Quote from _Pyth0n_: “This is furthered by the fact that the sub is the only unique class: It is a sub-class, and yet it is the only unit in its class. Maybe we'll…

  • There were a lot of ships used in WW2, but let's just take 2 of my favorites: Iowa-class battleship Class overview * Installed power * 8 × water-tube boilers 212,000 shp (158,000 kW) * Propulsion * 4 × screws; 4 × geared steam turbines * Speed * 33 knots (61.1 km/h; 38.0 mph) (up to 35.2 knots (65.2 km/h; 40.5 mph) at light load) * Range * 14,890 nmi (27,580 km; 17,140 mi) at 15 knots (28 km/h; 17 mph) Gato-class submarine Class overview * Speed * 21 knots (24 mph) surfaced 9 knots (10 mph) subm…

  • This is an interesting discussion, thanks for raising it Sewur. DD versus SS strength is a rare instance where the game reflects a historical reality. WW2 era destroyers had a difficult time finding subs until torpedoes were in the water. Subs did enormous damage, especially to transports. In anything, I would advocate for making subs stronger, and much more expensive. They should also lose their stealth if they start to Fast March. Also, subs should not be stackable with ships. CoW encourages p…

  • Hehehe, I just did something similar! No ground units of any kind. Just the starting home infantry, 2 AC, 3 AA. I had to rely on air power, and when that was too risky (because of AA) then I used rockets. It was brutal..... really hard to control territory, and really expensive to deal with incursions. Sort of like launching a Tomahawk missiles at every group of insurgents that poke their heads out of a cave.

  • I agree with kostarak that the 2 reveal features are powerful. But I don't agree they are bad for the game. The spy feature is something experienced players and teams sharing military intel use all the time. This is how we beat gold users, with good intel and good coordination. Obnoxious noobs don't know about this feature, we do, and that's a good thing.

  • Usually no. In the rare case where they make sense, you will know, and you won't have to ask. If you have to ask, the answer is no.

  • Batallion or Division

    z00mz00m - - Suggestions / Criticism


    In the game, a single infantry unit is called a Brigade, and a stack is called a Division. A single ship is a Squadron, and a stack of ships is called a Flotilla. And so on for artillery and airplanes. Grouping units of different types can change the name of the stack. Sometimes the stack inherits the name from its strongest unit (for some definition of strongest). For example, adding an AA gun to 9 infantry makes an AA division. This doesn't really tell you much, it's just to make the names mor…

  • Blitzkrieging the USA

    z00mz00m - - Questions and Answers


    Quote from Brando Dilla: “... most of their double resource cities are in the northeast... ” This was my main point. You have to go after those core cities ASAP. Starting in the SW corner of the country doesn't make sense. If the US player has any clue about the game, he can nap for a day and still crush you without even trying too hard. Attacking the US this way would be like starting on the USSR by attacking Kamchatka, and leaving Moscow to the end.

  • Blitzkrieging the USA

    z00mz00m - - Questions and Answers


    Good luck. USA is a big country, and you're nowhere close to the head of the beast. You can still win if he's a noob and he messes it up. But it's totally hard to lose as the USA.

  • Blitzkrieging the USA

    z00mz00m - - Questions and Answers


    Sneak attack the core cities in the East, from the ocean. Another force goes to Los Angeles, also by boat. If you go by land, the distances are too big, and they will smash you before you get out of Texas.

  • LOL if the nuke owner has lots on units around the strike zone, sure!?

  • Don't forget upgrades. Spamming is nice, but eventually you want to upgrade your units, and you want to do that before they start to take damage. Upgrades are expensive. Once you budget for those, you may decide that you have more than enough factories.

  • Default fire control

    z00mz00m - - Bug Reports and Issues


    No, it also affects the default fire control setting.