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  • We are the PEOPLE!

    Carking the 6th - - General Discussions


    Honestly I love that song

  • We are the PEOPLE!

    Carking the 6th - - General Discussions


    These Arabian dictator songs never get old lol

  • I have single handedly thrown you down before… I’ll do it again with or without monke.

  • Quote from -VIP-: “no idea whats happening but ill backup the Lady Aragosta, CarKings plans will be foiled ” Big mistake. You will just be stabbed in the back like her other “allies.”

  • Quote from TheZhukov: “The Brothers Of the Revolution Will Join the CAUSE! DOWN WITH THE EVIL ARAGOSTA! ” The Union stands firm! Glory to the Coalition!

  • We are the sea and land-for we stand so high and grand. Fight the ocean and the land quakes you. Fight the land and the ocean swallows you. Fight both and you’re overwhelmed.

  • The Dutch were eaten by the French and Germans, the land, even if they beat the sea. You are too grounded to understand your weakness. Just like the tale of Hercules and Antaeus, who held endless strength as long as he stayed firmly on land. But when ripped out of the land and held above Earth, he was felled with ease.

  • You can bash the world all you wish, but it stands true all the same. A endless wave will charge over you. Know that there is no point to run or flee. It will wash over you all the same.

  • (Verse 1) Em reinos unidos, fortes e aliados, Heróis destemidos, nossos destinos entrelaçados, A sombra do demônio, nós dissiparemos, Juntos, resolutos, onde destinos se encontram e brilham. (Pre-Chorus) De reinos diversos a horizontes por desvendar, Nesta coalizão, nossa força é multiplicar, Com corações firmes, unidos, comandamos, Para silenciar a sombra do demônio, estamos preparados. (Chorus) Somos a Coalizão, contra o demônio que atormenta, Em nome da justiça, nossa bandeira se apresenta, C…

  • (Verse 1) في ممالك متحدة، قوية وواحدة، أبطال جسور، وآفاقهم مشددة، ظل الشيطان سيختفي هنا والآن، سوياً مصممون، وسنتفجّ بإشراق. (Pre-Chorus) من ممالك عديدة إلى آفاق مجهولة، في هذه التحالف نكبر ونتواصل بالقوة، قلوبنا وفية، واحدة وقوية كالكتلة، لكي نسحق شر الشيطان، نكون أقوى مما تتخيل. (Chorus) نحن التحالف، ضد شر الشيطان وجوده، من أجل العدالة والشرف، تبقى رايتنا مرفوعة بعاليه، ببأس وبقوة، سننمو ونتوسع باتحادنا، بالسيف والدرع، نحمي هذا العالم يوما بعد يوم. (Verse 2) كاركينغ القائد، بحكمة يوجهنا النهار…

  • (Verse 1) Dans des royaumes unis, forts et alliés, Héros intrépides, nos destins sont liés, L'ombre du démon, nous la dissiperons, Ensemble, résolus, dans la lumière, nous rayonnerons. (Pre-Chorus) De royaumes divers, vers l'infini horizon, Au sein de la coalition, notre force en fusion, Cœurs intrépides, unis comme un bataillon, Pour vaincre le démon, son sinistre tourbillon. (Chorus) Nous sommes la Coalition, face au démon, nous luttons, Pour la justice et l'honneur, notre bannière se montre, …

  • (Verse 1) In realms united, side by side, Heroes strong, our spirits wide, The demon's shadow, we'll cast away, Together we stand, come what may. (Pre-Chorus) From Portugal's grace to Alberta's pride, In this coalition, we will not hide, With unwavering hearts, in unity we stand, To vanquish the demon's dark command. (Chorus) We're the Coalition, against the demon's might, In the name of justice, we'll shine our light, With valor and courage, we'll make our stand, With sword and shield, we'll pr…

  • Quote from The Mister Class: “As a french, I advise aragosta to surrender ” Do you join this noble coalition?

  • Understandable, though saddening. Hopefully you can get back on your feet and come back in a healthier way. Either way you won’t be forgotten! Goodbye, my friend…

  • I wish. Maybe he can pull a Genz or something. I’ll miss the guy.

  • Quote from Lady Aragosta: “See, if you'd threatened me with another country human I might have surrendered. ” I have a trick up my sleeve. It will be saved.

  • So be it. Noble allies, join us in this coalition, for peace and prosperity! Grow this alliance against darkness!

  • I should have known… worry not. I have allies. You will not bring the order down!

  • Oh well. Surrender now or we March and bring you down. You may keep your position if you bow down here. (it would be more fun if you went the whole way though)

  • Today a noble alliance of CarKing VI of Vehicala, Claudio, Saviour and leader of Portugal and Amotah, hero of Alberta has formed in order to bring down the vile Lady Aragosta, who accused her king of lies and has insulted and attacked his allies. Her realm holds a dark secret that must be banished…. We welcome more allies into our cause! We must all work together for the freedom of the forum land! March, for the noble coalition!