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  • Like the idea. It could be implemented as a time saving but not as a resource saver..if you offered both there would be no point building better units...just overwhelm with cheap and nasty units. Another option is to offer it for 2-3 days after research Or after research you need to upgrade your plant too i.e. production specialisation for the factories...its more complex micro management but very realistic. Lets take PZKFW V as an example. Most factories still produced IV until late 44 although…

  • Cool speed. Its great fun sticking armoured cars on train least logisitics is good for something. I've actually used it to disguise my intentions and then moved an entire 50 stack from Syria to India in a few hours completely catching my enemy by suprise. Takes some planning and resources but the results are spectacular.

  • Any country that limits its contact with other human players on Day1 and allows for various strategies. A standout one is Egypt. Great location well protected it has a massive moat around 50% of its border and you only have to negotiate with two countries..make friends with one and kill the other without reprisal.... Unless you ae experienced do not play island nations. Most noobies wait for hours to grab Great Britain and then have no idea what to do with her. Three days later they have gone AF…

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    Quote from 6thDragon: “I invest heavy in industry on day one. I'll pick one resource and build industry in a rural, non-boarder providence and in the city with that resource, I'll get the recruiting center up to level 2 on day one and then up to level three on day three. I'll build industry in the remainder of my cities day one. Then I'll typically focus on upgrading two industry a day and one or two recruiting centers. I'll get one up to level three before building another recruiting center and…