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  • In a map that has made 2-3 or more days, and when some people leave, is it possible to replace them and join the map? If not why?

  • Many times free gold disappears, and when it is there, I can't watch ads to take almost 3k gold. This is an important issue, since, after two days of watching ads, you take more gold than winning a game after 20 days of playing. I believe that winning games should be more awarding.

  • Mines could be used like any other building, for example, "place mines-200 oil, 400 metal". They could be hiden, unless you don't have those "engineers" you wrote about. As for rivers, building bridges and destroying them, protecting them, could be something interesting and strategic in the game. I know this is problematic to be done, but who knows in the future.

  • I have played many games in COW, for many years, and it was quite problematic to reach the day when you use high tech army. This because, most of the games end before being possible to use high tech army. I believe there should be a solution for this. For example, after day 10, it should be possible to make faster research by paying 30%- 40% more, this mean, if something asks 3000 goods for a 12 h research, than game should make it possible to reach this research for 6 h if you pay 50% more, 450…

  • I'm old COW player, this is a good game, even by ideas of a MSC degree in Geopolitics. But, not every change is always accepted, and for me, old 1.5 version was better. I have over-reacted perhaps. However, I have one proposition. Since these guys, who made this game are so smart and managed to make people play for even one month some times for only one game, I believe that they should make possible for us, that are learned with 1.5 version, to have that as an option. Both parties, those who lik…

  • This new version is unacceptable, we're leaving the game for you, smartphone generations. My last game, you can have fun with you're new updates and stupid changes.

  • would I?

  • This update doesn't deserve a chance. 1-To many things, confusing. 2-We used to zoom in and out much easier, now we need to click, and we get another part of space. 3-System is working slower. 4-Our eyes has been learn to find items in 1.5 version places for years, now we see money when food was, not neded. 5. When we zoomed, we didn't had to deal with ads anymore, now this is gone. 6. Market was so easy and intuitive, it's not anymore. 7. Recourses bar is taking to much space now, it was much t…

  • I didn't ask for any of you're suggestions. Neither you're cliche quotes.

  • Please, everyone who agree with the fact that new version is killing our game, react, make a thread and write "BRING BACK OUR GAME, REMOVE 2.0" - Do this, as many you can, let them know we don't like this new version, even if they don't publish these, they will understand and reflect, this is not our COW, not our game, we need to unite and react to bring back our game.

  • I'm in a war with a nazi player, that's why I'm still playing, otherwise I would leave right now, it's so bad this new version makes me mad. This is my last game if this new version doesn't get kicked. UNITE, REACT, BRING BACK OUR GAME

  • Yes, but I believe that these decision are the reasons why 80% of all maps players leave in third day. Also, why activity has gone down. When people produce something like an "art" or new design, they get proud, just like these people with these new updates, and that's why they don't reflect after so many critics. All players in my map have reacted bad about these changes, but none of them are part of this Forum, I wasn't either, I entered just to say NO to this new version. UNITE, REACT, AND BR…

  • Since I never got active in these things, only played game, what is Beta? I don't understand. I only know that this new version will make me leave this game, so does my team.

  • You don't understand, the situation is that bad, that I ill no longer play COW. There is no need for arguing, this new version is unacceptable. My last game because I'm in a race with one Nazi gamer, in other situation I would leave right now. It's up to you what you do with you're game, it's not mine anymore.

  • I am not pleased with new version of the game. I used to zoom in and out for just one move of mouse, now I need to move, click, move, than click again. You have to understand, new things not always are better things. And what is the point to change places for things that we are used to for many years. Now, I'm looking how much money I have, and I see rare, I see money in place of food. A mess. We need to vote, it's not right that one IT or designer, after seeing a dream go there and make all the…