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  • Uh, You do realize that even if you are going from airport to airport, you'd still have to refuel, right? Even if you did turn and around and refuel, that wouldn't increase your range x2. You'd still have the same range that you had before, and Patrols will always be endless. No reason to NOT have them endless in my opinion.

  • So uh, Since this is such an old announcement, can we go back to making paratrooper threads? Hopefully we can, because I am going to make a new one.

  • Well, speaking from a point of a somewhat seasoned forums user, This topic has been a discussion of great debate. Many of the veteran forum users will argue with you all day about the benefits of not having a gold cap. However, Bytro has always shut these kinds of forums down.

  • Yeah! One with uh.. um.. People that can be carried by aerial vehicles too! maybe!

  • So, Apparently Mars Tomorrow isn't a cool strategy game like CoW, S1914, or any of the games that we are familiar with. It's one of those free iOS games that is based on Clash of Clans, Doesn't look very fun tbh. Maybe it has a cool mechanic? But it just looks like one of those mobile games.

  • uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I like this feature because I can kill things with this. Now I know about it thanks Roko!

  • That'd be pretty cool too, maybe even like, Space Marines? Maybe something like the Imperium of Man?

  • I personally think it would be cooler if they released a game focused specifically on naval warfare. Not this good honest infantry work that we've been learning. Maybe the game could be focused in the Atlantic and Pacific? Or even a future where the Earth was flooded, and a few naval ports and factories remain, and the only land territories and constantly being fought over. Marines, Air Force, and the Navy are now the only viable options, no MBTs, and only vehicles that can be carried by ocean, …

  • Scorched Earth

    JCS Darragh - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Just going to add my two cents to this thread, I don't know if this is a dead thread or whatever, but I found it, and I like the idea. Personally, I always like to try to take a province with a Naval Base or an Airfield in my initial invasions. Mainly so that I can start flying in air units, and getting my troops docked in the Naval Bases. If the enemy were to realize this, and start destroying Airfields, then my entire plan would be foiled, well, most of it at least. Same with Naval bases, if t…

  • See, I think most people wouldn't care if you could airdrop commandos (probably be too OP) but, we just want a unit that can be dropped by air. Who cares if they didn't play a significant role? It's a damn game, it's not going to be historically accurate. Sure, we can argue about it all day long, but with that logic, why not remove Rocket Fighters? Why not remove nuclear rockers? Why not remove nuclear ships? Why not remove commandos? None of those played a significant role in WW2. So, using the…

  • Uhhhhhhhhhh, I don't know if this would work.. Especially in game, sounds like a weird concept but, I don't really want it. If I buy something I want it to be for that game, not another game. Also CoN isn't made by Bytro, it was made by another game company, I believe they worked together for a small while.

  • Uh okay.. Edit: Also, Since when did half the community NOT want paratroopers? I don't remember there being a poll or anything.. If you mean half of the CoW Forum community then that's kinda dumb. Pretty sure the forum community is MUCH MUCH smaller than the actual people playing the game.

  • See, In Conflict of Nations, Airmobile infantry were the best thing ever. They couldn't do that much, but there were damn effective in capturing provinces. If you add Airborne into CoW, us players want them to be a viable unit, the complete opposite of what you suggested. Airborne wouldn't be irrelevant in CoW. Airborne would really just make the games faster, Go look at some of my threads/suggestions on paratroopers. Even in CoN, the airmobile infantry have several ways to be defeated, they hav…

  • What? I think we are suggesting that you have a little bit longer, I don't really understand what 'Tech Stacking' is, because if you have the Lvl 1. Infantry that would just make it worse, So I don't see the point.

  • What... What you are all saying doesn't make any sense. There are no "Military" or "Intel" spies in Call of War. There are just spies. Spies that are jack of all trades that are in this game, they do everything. What this is thread appears to be suggesting is that the Newspaper be able to automatically publish your entire military strength, as in, how many of each units you have. The current newspaper stats are just fine, barely anything needs to be fixed with them. The current spies can do reve…

  • Spies reveal the intel to you, However, everyone would be able to see what units you have in the newspaper. That is a bad idea, because spies would be nerfed to hell, and would have no purpose besides espionage.

  • Nah, that's too complicated for the 4 Day delay. Also, I think that would be fine, considering that the world herald already reveals some stuff. If it talks about each individual unit that you have then no. But if it has like, "JCS Darragh has 25 Lvl 3 Infantry, 15 Lvl 2 Light Tanks, 35 Lvl 3 Medium Tanks" then uh, nah we shouldn't have that.

  • Hey uh, according to bytro people, the game is spaghetti code, meaning the code is just f**cked and uh, yeah, idea probably won't happen. So, idk, Spies r bad.

  • Yes, This is a good idea but uh, some people like cough MontanaBB cough will say that no military in the WW2 era could have transported that many troops. If you like this idea, you should go check out Conflict of Nations (as they have this) and it works pretty well tbh. However, I think that all units should be able to be transported, in CoN, it depends on what level the unit is, for example, in CoN the MBT's (main battle tanks) have to be level 2 (I believe) to be able to get air transportation…

  • Cough I don't think that CoW should be Hearts of Iron level of realism. This idea that you presented is in HoI4, where you can research an MP40, but it won't actually go to your men until you start producing it and then start issuing it out. Logistics is a b**ch