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  • Im not switching. When is the release date?

  • Quote from Zaktty: “If you are one of the following, please respond to this post. - United Kingdom - @Zaktty - USA - @Carking the 6th - France - @Donk2.0 - Soviet Union - @Fox-Company - Japan - @Claudio NVKP - Nationalist China - @Lord Crayfish - Italy - @The Mister Class - Brazil - @SamPGS_17 - German Empire - @Talvisota - Netherlands - @VietnamVeteran69 - Canada - @JASLOLY - British India - @Lt.Rohini - Australia - @GeneralTanke - Turkey - @TheZhukov - Yugoslavia - @NEPTUNE the great - Spain -…

  • WW2 Roleplay - Rules

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    Quote from Zaktty: “ Newspaper Rules: - You must write 1, 50 word or more, newspaper article every IRL 2 days - When declaring War, you must write at least a 150-word newspaper article - When writing in the newspaper, always remain in character, if you want to say anything out of character, contact a moderator about it instead, and they will handle it. ” I think that a 150 word requirement for a war dec is too much. Also, can there be moderator-approved surprise attacks? If I guarantee some terr…

  • Quote from SADRA_ready: “Quote from Carking the 6th: “Reducing nukes to certain countries may not work out. What if China manages to subjugate all of Asia, while France gets their ass kicked by Germany and the UK. They still get nukes earlier? Just hold it all back to 1943 (allow research by then, it would take 2 more days until 1944 for nukes to be researched, and then 2 more to get it built in 1945). ” truewe can allow nuke for all countries but like real world 1.USA 2.Soviet 3.UK 4.France 5.c…

  • Quote from mauritania man: “i want to play im not a alt ” Prove it, get at least one somewhat trusted forum member to vouch for you or send an in-game screenshot.

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “Quote from Zaktty: “I can't believe so few people have applied for Xinjiang, they're obviously the best country. In all seriousness though, we still need someone to play South Africa at least, this is my priority list for the remaining countries: - South Africa (so there is no need for a landswap) - Tibet - was actually a real country for some time - Persia - Peru - will probably get beaten by one of the many super-experienced players in South America - Xinjiang - it…

  • Quote from mauritania man: “i want to join too ” Prove that you're not an alt.

  • Quote from Soviet onion republic: “just a liberty troll ” The plot thickens....

  • My first forum activity was the roleplay and I joined at the same time as San Arta was applying for the RP and I turned out just fine but there is reason to be suspicious of Mauritania Man.

  • Quote from mauritania man: “im not a alt guys ” Prove it. Show us a screenshot of your record in call of war, and get 2 people who can vouch for your honesty, from forums or the game.

  • HWW Game

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    But I was sooo close to liberating Manchukuo.

  • HWW Game

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    Quote from KaiserOfAnonymous: “Quote from _Pyth0n_: “Quote from Carking the 6th: “So you go inactive and just expect us to let your AI attack us?? ” Totally not what I did cough coughBut hey I had good reason ” I didn't too! *wink* ” Same. I just made the call that my coalition would not have won. Maybe I could have held out.

  • Quote from Talvisota: “C'mon guys, after all this? We can't trust Onion. Nuh-uh. ” Perhaps we should give Onion a country that would be less disruptive were he to turn troll. If he made a big army and invaded the USSR with no RP reason, it would mess up the RP. Maybe he should have Peru or Sweden. I trust him for now though.

  • Quote from The Mister Class: “Quote from Carking the 6th: “Quote from KaiserOfAnonymous: “all conspiracy theorists innit? just take this rp as a trial if he do well enough (suspiciously), we may or may not trust him just put him in intense surveillance and it's fine tho I bet he would do something like invade ussr or china instantly when they're not online ” Issue is if he brings in his Alts and Liberty, taking many countries and shitting on the game. ” Yeah, in worst case scenario, we can have …

  • Why was Onion demoted to Mongolia anyways?

  • Quote from Zaktty: “Quote from NEPTUNE the great: “Are you going to message us the game link once it's done and everybody has there country or... How are we doing this? ” Mr Class is correct. ” Do we have a time yet? Quote from Komrade Khrushchev: “Let’s see... we have: - @benos boy - @guatemala guy - @mauritania man - @Soviet onion republic All have country flags with weird logo, all speak similar, and it seems a new one comes whenever we’re doing a roleplay ” Detective 100

  • Big Daddy Competition

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    Quote from Joe Bartolozzi: “VOTING STARTS! Voting will be live for the next 72 hours from this very moment. There are two sides standing, they are: Donk,Carking,MisterClass coalition (412) K.Rossovski(3) Number next to contestant name is the number you have to type, your first vote is your final vote. You can read the rules (Scroll up). Votes should be cast in this manner:- I vote for (X) [Where 'X' is the ballot number of the side you are voting for] Remember, no chit chat is allowed for the ne…

  • Quote from Zaktty: “Hang on, I will update the countries (my quotes won’t work so I’ll just update it). ” Can I get confirmed

  • Quote from Zaktty: “I am going to attempt to start a 1939 Historic World War Roleplay. This is due to the fact that from my experience and others', ROleplays can be very enjoyable, and the most recent attempts at creating RPs have failed, so I am creating this new RP separate to the previous ideas. A Rules Thread will be published once there are enough players, ideally, I would like at least 20 people, ideally 28. Since some nations are not essential, and will only become available if there are …

  • Quote from Zaktty: “@Lt.Rohini and @Lord Crayfish can be confirmed, they were very good articles. So far, I think @Carking the 6th has the best USA Article, however, I was impressed by @CMDR. Wolf knowledge of the USA. @TheZhukov and @Talvisota articles were neck and neck, they were both great, I preferred (by only a minuscule margin) Talvisota's, however, I felt that Zhukov's articles work better as regular posts, and I know that he is experienced at roleplay. Good Luck! ” Australians, I, Rober…