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  • Quote from Cecil Rhodes.: “I believe that the start date for regular maps is 1936, as said in their description. I'm counting from the basic Europe at war map. ” Pardon me, I misread your description. Although given the units available and those not available -- especially aircraft -- I think, technologically, 1934 is more likely than 1936.

  • Most people agree it that 1 day = 6 months so you're pretty much close to the accepted average. This is also easier to work with, since it makes 1 year = 2 days and therefore 1 month = 4 hours. Day 16 -- from which starting date? 1932 or 1934?

  • Quote from Klusey: “I could not agree more! They actually gave SP units more speed to compensate for this but it still does not help much imo. The sheer numbers you can achieve with regular artillery makes it more useful imo ” I tend to agree except in Allied. They're so bloody slow. The buffs they get on top makes it worth the extra cost too.

  • Release Notes - 2023-11-02

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    Quote from Carking the 6th: “FUCK YOUR EDUCATION I NEED ROME ” Lmao Why are we shouting?

  • Quote from That polish guy: “sure buddy, now go take a seat ” Yeah I'm not gonna write any more of these. I'm interested to see the Barbarossa article. On a side note, apart from the German one on invading the Netherlands, I notice that almost all of these are defensive and talk about getting invaded, or are like the USA one remarks on other affairs.

  • What...

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    Quote from z00mz00m: “The problem is once new players learn to play the game by waving magic wands, that's all they know. They never figure out how to play in a way that relies in skill and operates on a level playing field. Want a unit? Spam it. Want better research? Hurry it. Want to move faster? Force March all day, and then heal. Want to beat 10 ships with 2 ships? Heal every 30 minutes, you can't lose. I'm not saying people who do this are evil or that games should not be monetized. I get i…

  • Quote from JASLOLY: “Oh wait, I thought it was SPRA. Sorry.:wallbash ” Generally I agree with your analysis of that unit.

  • Quote from JASLOLY: “Why vertical text? ” This was the norm in Chinese newspapers at the time. Quote from Carking the 6th: “Crayfish gets autoconfimed ” Thanks

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “To be fair the technological advancement between 1939-1945 was probably the fastest military technology has ever advanced in human history. ” And it was so unequal too! The Netherlands, China, and many others went into the war virtually with WWI-era armies, with horse cavalry and bayonet charges. Germany and Britain had mechanised forces and tanks. By the end of the war, the British were fielding jet fighters and MBTs, the Americans atom bombs, the soviets MLRS, and …

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    No, people are resistant to an idea that promotes further monetisation of the game.

  • Quote from JASLOLY: “Wait, 2.0? Did I miss something? To answer your question, yes it’s still used, but artillery is preferred. This is due to the higher number of levels that artillery has, as well as the fact that ordnance foundries are often better than secret labs. Also, artillery usually is more useful, as infantry can be easily destroyed, but not armoured units. ” Are you confusing SP artillery with rocket artillery? SP or self-propelled arty is gun artillery mounted on motor chassis for m…

  • Quote from Lt.Rohini: “this is the exact moment Lord Crayfish became a Chinese ” Haha definitely not, gelukkig en Nederlander! It is a beautiful language though and this was interesting to translate. Escpecially since it is done sentence by sentence and character by character. Kuomintang vows China will resist Japanese invasion!…a95f32f8b9260a2e1429a8ca0 We turn now to a review of the events of this war. In 1937, after twenty years of abusive imperialism, the Japan…

  • Quote from Last Warrior: “Motocicle troops. Like weaker recon, ivisible in forest and more swift everwhere, but without province conquering skill. ” Have you seen the lvl.1 Pan-Asian and Comintern (and Axis IIRC) lvl.1 motorised infantry?

  • Kuomintang vows China will resist Japanese invasion! 現 捏 了 的 國 的 必 對 中 導 9- 仍 主 在 造 沿 犧 首 國 要 外 是 北 3- 致 義 我 事 海 國 都 家 保 國 國 伐 7- 力 和 們 件 戰 民 南 要 留 侵 民 征 年 於 民 回 襲 略 革 京 在 權 略 黨 服 與 孫 生 顧 擊 要 命 的 這 力 者 結 了 共 中 主 一 了 地 軍 陷 場 直 和 束 北 產 山 義 下 北 。 還 落 戰 至 帝 了 洋 黨 先 國 這 平 經 是 從 爭 衝 國 他 軍 建 生 民 場 。 過 能 那 中 突 主 們 閥 立 的 黨 戰 侵 三 減 時 生 結 義 對 部 了 遺 代 爭 略 個 緩 起 存 束 反 我 分 統 產 表 的 者 月 日 我 下 。 對 們 是 一 以 中 事 迅 激 本 們 來 從 中 國 為 戰 及 國 件 速 戰 人 帶 就 歷 國 家 了 線 未 人 。佔 上 的 著 必 史 本 的 團 。 來 民 -1 領 海 攻 大 須 上 土 鋪 結 線 中 代 -9…

  • Quote from Daniel_Phelps: “I hope they just don't. The flame tank itself was a dumb unit from every point of view. From scaling, it was silly because flame tanks aren't fielded in battalions. They're company level weapons, generally in engineering units. From a gameplay point of view, they were dumb because they filled a role that didn't need to be there. Oh no, infantry is good at defending cities? How terrible that they have, like, one thing that they're cost effective at. There were plenty of…

  • Quote from Renarsm: “ because my upload thing broke ” Pretty much what mine looked like at the end, except with Arabia and without anything west of that Swedish belt. Thanks for sharing.

  • USA Game

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    Awesome! Long Live the UnItEd StAtEs oF AmErIcA!

  • I would like to do this but right now the RP is more dominating and I lack the gold to play many private games at once.

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  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “And of course we need to talk about the political climate. I don’t see anything related to the Middle East ever coming out, when there is literally a war going on! And allowing terrorism and war crimes? Why? Bytro would get canceled.. the Holocaust and Holodomor is not in the game for a reason… and the population mechanic has never been played with. Not to mention that the Arab states never did and still haven’t sponsored any terrorist attacks or organizations. These…