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  • Still alive, Turk. Just waiting for something to happen, and someone to organise us.

  • Eyo. Italy, plis. Italy, a relatively young kingdom. 1861 marked the year of the formation of the Kingdom - a unification of former great kingdoms, duchies, and republics, known for their innovative and scientific advancements throughout the medieval centuries of Europe. However, despite its young age, the Kingdom did not miss its potential for colonial expansion. Just on the opposite side of the Mediterranean sea lies the Italian colony of Libya. Italy prides itself on this African colony, and …

  • Dang it, I was too late as well :c

  • 2015 Modern Roleplay

    Scottern - - Roleplaying Threads


    APPLICATION: Player Name: Scottern Nation you wish to play as: Demnark Name of your leader: Helle Thorning-Schmidt Roleplay Example: The Daily Danish. -Copenhagen, Denmark. The parliamentary election is coming up, and the nine parties are all sharpening their swords for their campaigns. Current Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt has clearly set a new political course. The Nationalist party’s monopoly on the migration discussion must be broken, if the Social Democrats wishes to remain in Gover…

  • Actual Role Players

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    Well, sign me on the list aswell. Several of these players can vouch for me.

  • Realistic WW2 Game Invite

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    If a spots opens up, I'd like to join.

  • Most Beautiful Aircraft Competition

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    We all know and love it: The Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVI. 4663101840_16b8612ba3_b.jpg

  • Yes, I noticed. That makes it easier for simple minded people such as myself.

  • Quote from Pathos: “Hi, have you seen the scrollbar on the right side? ” Quote from Enlightning Man: “yes, you can scroll and see the units. We will, however, polish this view a bit so that the 2nd row is seen without scrolling ” I am not a smart man.

  • Hello again, I've just noticed a bug, when I select my armies. The picture below tells the story: As you can see, the amount of AA-units is not shown. I believe this extends to all units in the second row. Obviously this has not been seen until I had enough different units to have a second row upon selecting all. -Scottern.

  • Yes I am aware of their 5-pixels from the province border limits. I thought I'd just notify them. But if you've already done that, then my notification is quite irrelevant.

  • Hey people I've noticed several cities not being where they geographically should be. I know the game is still in the testing phase, but it's just a heads-up. Being Danish, I couldn't help but notice that all the Danish cities are off(except for Odense) by miles, and I assume that there are many other cities in other nations are that off. Otherwise: Glorious game so far.