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  • In my earlier CoW days, I played up to 6 games at the same time. I've downgraded to one now, sometimes two when one is almost finished; I feel that giving full attention to one game is much more rewarding. Unfortunately Bytro does not agree with me; I get constant messages asking me if I'm reaslly really sure that I don't want to participate in more games)))

  • A relatively little-used technique for morale management is "capital farming". For huge empires on the big maps, capital conquest is a key factor in morale managament - ALL of your provinces get an immediate 10% boost, which is a HUGE bonus for an expanding enemy and, when handled properly, can make all the "daily change" modifiers irrelevant. Here are some ideas for this: - When possible, make sure you take the capital of your enemies and AI conquests as shortly before day change as possible. A…

  • That's not really the point. In the game, you can lose a tank you just upgraded this morning by rushing it into a fortiefied city as well.

  • Quote from patriota75: “I aimed stack with 3 aa guns level 2, their air defence is about 18. There in stack were tanks and infantry, but hardly they managed to have air defence about 30. But my plane crushed without making any damage. It is wrong to compare atomic bomber like other bombers because they do not have to drop bombs from same height as normal bombers so they should be less vulnerable to AA guns. I think it is bad in game. Strategic bombers and Nuclear bombers are two useless units. I…

  • The big disadvantage of BB's is that they are "linear" in most areas - meaning, they can sail up the coast and down the coast, and nothing else (yeah there are exceptions like the SW Pacific, but they are rare). As soon as tac-4 bombers becomes available, CV's are much better because they can operate several provinces inland; AND their planes can be transferred to land airbases as soon as a bridgehead is secured to operate even further on the target continent. This suppose enough support ships t…

  • "Server state differs" message is always solved by reloading the game afaik.

  • I doubt if he was even spending gold at all, 7 bombers is quite a small force.

  • I agree that this is THE single most valuable use of spies, and it is probably OP. Newbies often don't know about it, so it is (yet another) huge advantage of experience. For newbies wanting to know how it is done: place 4 spies in an enemy province WITHOUT any buildings on a Military sabotage mission (yes, you read that right; your spies are not distracted by damaging the enemy buildings this way), and there is an estimated 60-70% chance that you will get all his positions revealed at day chang…

  • Quote from JCS Darragh: “See, In Conflict of Nations, Airmobile infantry were the best thing ever. They couldn't do that much, but there were damn effective in capturing provinces. If you add Airborne into CoW, us players want them to be a viable unit, the complete opposite of what you suggested. Airborne wouldn't be irrelevant in CoW. Airborne would really just make the games faster, Go look at some of my threads/suggestions on paratroopers. Even in CoN, the airmobile infantry have several ways…

  • you did this to yourself. I am not allowed to write here how and why, but you, and the other guys involved know, you lost your credibility. I told you before, it is best you left, too bad it took you so long to realize, and even now you blame others... wow.

  • I don't agree... I think it is our duty to vehemently fight them, even if it is a losing battle, to make them spend as much gold as possible to defeat us. In that way, a maximum amount of real-world cash flows to the developers of the game we all love so much, and make further enhancements possible. See it as a way for non-payers to contribute to the success of the game!

  • RP = Role Play (pretending to actually BE the leader of your country and your troops to be real soldiers, as opposed to talking to people as a gamer and treating your units as pawns)

  • Railways?

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    You can't... but the graph changes to appear LIKE a railway when you upgrade the infrastructure of a province.

  • Peace Treaty.

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    Well, this calls for an unbreakable peace for a number of days, much like the initial peace period... I think that would be DARN popular.

  • Gold

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    Try the Player's League, gold use is not allowed there.

  • Sign me up.

  • Air Battle

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    One group of 40 planes will be massacred by 4 groups of 10; BUT that difference is made on the DEFENSE. On DEFENSE, the point is: stack of 40 with very bad SBDE attacks 4x ideal SBDE. Damage is spread over 40 planes on both ends, but the bad SBDE on his end makes the attacker take MUCH bigger losses. On the offense, all 4 stacks tick and inflict damage, and on ALL FOUR occasions the big group fires back. Damage is about equal on the first round; BUT since the damage to the big group is "absorbed…

  • It means that the units in the province are not currently spotted, but based on an "old" report, either from planes or spies. Clicking the unit will show when the report was generated, in the bottom pane.

  • Well, he correctly pointed out that Hurricane had forgotten the G&A factor. But to return to the topic of the thread, that has an equl effect in mountains and flat terrain.

  • Revolts

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    When there is a revolt in an occupied province, those troops will revolt to the new side as well.