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  • Quote from David Soutter: “so much for responses i have reported an inability to log on to game for three days and other than ask questions i am no nearer to being able to get back into the game is was involved in. Have already lost a lot of gold very very unhappy ” As my game operator said in response to your original question: We can find no issues with your account or with the game from our end. You appear to be having an issue with your computers or browsers. The suggestion was made to see i…

  • Quote from Pavilx: “Oh we got through.........that was the biggest loss, I lost about 45 bombers and fighters. Lesson learned ” Might I suggest a carrier bridge next time? You need a couple carriers for close air support on the landing zone. Once you get a province with a functional airbase in south america you are only two or three carrier hops away from sending all your planes over in groups equal to carrier capacity. If you are crossing from spain to the carolinas you need 7 carriers, plus an…

  • Quote from Spiffolo: “Couldn’t try on other matches since the offer didn’t show up ” That is also odd. Offers such as this should show up in all of your games for the allotted time

  • Wow, a genuine thousand percent bonus offer. Empty your piggy bank and be set for life in the gold department. That will make the Ad go away:D On a serious note, is anyone else seeing this? Have you tried closing the app and reloading it? Are you using the android app or the iOS app? What phone and operating system version? Like iPhone 8, iOS 11.1.1

  • Can't get into any games

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    I have not heard of this, except one other case (which may just be another report from you for all I know) Clear cache, cookies, and all browsing history sometimes if your browser is taking you in circles. If you want to test what that will do, try opening an incognito/private browsing window and log in through there. Have you tried other browsers? Other computers?

  • AWC *** KNOW HOW ***

    VorlonFCW - - Alliance World Cup


    With todays update this bug is fixed, and opening alliance profiles from the ranking page should work properly for all again.

  • If there is a nuclear reactor, That means you joined a map either with an advanced research schedule, or it isn't actually day 1.

  • Quote from ike53: “if I have a stack of 13 units which consist of 8 LT's (+2 on SBDE) and 5 AT's are you saying my AT's (which are within SBDE) and are 'soft' are reduced as well? ” No, each unit type is calculated separately against each other unit type in the combat algorithm, so your extra tanks will have no effect on the anti tanks combat effectiveness.

  • It can depend a lot on your enemy. By splitting your forces up and landing at multiple locations at the same time you make each group more fragile, but with any luck your enemy will not notice all of them. If he does notice then smaller groups are easier to kill. Larger stacks do have more hit points, so that they might survive longer, but once they are noticed it is easier for your enemy to focus their attacks on one location. I prefer one main landing force on an isolated beach with no enemy u…

  • Visit in any browser and go through the forgot password process.…895c73d9d6421ba323325cbf4 If you are unable to recover your password using the "forgot password' link as outlined above, please start a private forum conversation with me and I can try to help locate your account.

  • The map is back, but it is now a system generated map instead of a player creatable map. For you folks that are planning a roleplay: If you have more than 50% of the map filled you may contact the support department with the list of players and countries and a game can be created for you. The link in my signature is the best way to contact the support department with a general question such as this.

  • This is a part of the tutorial. You should recall in your very first game that a province of yours was immediately taken by an AI, and you were given a slightly damaged medium tank and a couple infantry in order to recapture the province with. You were walked through taking the province back and improving the morale in the province to demonstrate the game mechanics. So in these cases the players of affected countries are undergoing their tutorial. You will notice they are level 1 or so, and sadl…

  • Yes, The limits affect defending values as well as offense values. the only advantage is that a large stack has more "bulk" to spread incoming damage over.

  • In the situation you are describing, there is a disadvantage. Units on separate paths will seldom merge, and units sent on the same path will likely attack separately rather than merge(There is always an exception to this rule, typically found that units you wish NOT To merge will in fact merge) This means you will be attacking the enemy twice per hour. The reason for this disadvantage is: Quote from VorlonFCW: “A unit will defend itself whenever it is attacked. The defense stat is the return fi…

  • It is quite simple when I explain it this way: Units can SEE, and they have a range of vision. Both a clear view and a fuzzy view radius. Each unit has a different sight range. Provinces that you own will DISPLAY what is within them ONLY. Nothing outside the border of your province is displayed by the province. This works the same on Land or at Sea. Empty provinces have no means of seeing what is outside the border. I'll note here that disembarking units are outside the province until they are f…

  • Quote from Edepedable: “Wasn't that uber I guess since anti-air would have shot down your nuclear bomber before it could go boom. That is the reason for having plenty of anti-air/SP anti-air around as soon as you see a nuclear power plant somewhere on the map. ” Well yes, but the key to atomic bomber success is proper target selection coupled with the knowledge above about the 50 km blast radius.

  • You will receive a message from the Senior Moderator in regards to your ban and what you need to do to correct it. Permanent bans are typically issued for either glorification of national socialism and related Nazi content, for advocating terrorism or illegal activity, or for having a name that violates the rules. I suggest you review: and…985-terms-of-call-of-war/ Quote from manolis2: “the other people in …

  • Call of War

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    I have not upgraded my phone Operating system, and my app continues to operate flawlessly With mobile OS updates there have been some issues that are specific to some phone models and operating systems. Please report the specific issue as well as your device type (such as iphone and OS version (such as iOS 11.1.1) so that they can be addressed.

  • The blast radius of all atomic weapons is 50 km, and will damage both your own and enemy units within that area. For reference standard artillery radius ranges from 60 to 80 km depending on the level researched, so use that as a guide. In my experience, any single units within the blast radius are completely consumed. Large stacks have a chance to survive with heavy damage.

  • Quote from ike53: “Quote from PrinceofHonor: “Yes, the AI does place orders, and unlike players can ask higher prices. ” Do you know how the AI determines pricing? Is it an avg of current prices? Could players drive up the price by offer $20 prices at the start? ” I don't know for certain, but it seems to be dependent on the quantity available and the need to sell. Minor AI countries may only produce one resource and they have to sell in order to buy everything else. Late game the AI of larger n…